Build Future Wealth - Pre & Post Retirement Investment Strategies - in Mandarin

Build Future Wealth - Pre & Post Retirement Investment Strategies - in Mandarin

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Build Future Wealth – Pre & Post Retirement Strategies – in Mandarin – Sydney Course

Title: 财富创造与积累策略 - 退休规划
根据澳洲退休基金协会(ASFA)上年度第四季度的调研结果,一对65岁左右的澳洲夫妇每年需要将近6万澳元才能过上舒适的退休生活,即使是单身退休人士每年也需要超过4万澳元。 很显然,单纯地依赖政府提供的微薄的老年金是无法过上宽裕的退休生活的。一辈子的辛勤工作日若只能换来拮据的晚年,未免心酸。来自Stanford Brown的个人财富管理顾问Jenny Gao将会向您集中介绍以下理财投资策略以及它们的优缺点,并且为大家解答关于退休规划的种种问题,
1. 房产投资 – 运用自住房产以及投资房产来积累财富
2. 股票以及基金投资 – 了解各种资产类别以及如何配置合适的投资组合
3. 贷款投资 – 了解如何运用这个策略来进行房产或者其他资产的投资以及其个该策略所涵盖的风险和需要注意的方面
4. 养老金投资 - 了解如何运用不同类型的缴金方式来积累养老金以及(过渡)退休养老金提取策略
5. 政府老年金简介

According to the retirement standard research completed in December 2015 by The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA), for a couple aged around 65 to afford a comfortable lifestyle in retirement, they require approximately $60,000 per annum. And a single retiree requires more than $40,000 to afford a comfortable lifestyle. It is apparent that retirees are unable to afford a comfortable retirement by simply replying on the Age Pension. Come and hear how you can build your wealth both now and before retirement. Jenny Gao from Stanford Brown will explain some of the benefits and traps of many different wealth strategies.

Course Outline

  • Property investing – Utilising residential and investment property towards future wealth creation.
  • Shares and managed funds – Understanding each different asset class and how to construct a portfolio tailored to your unique goals and objectives.
  • Borrowing to invest – Within property and other investments, how this can be utilised towards wealth creation and things to be aware of.
  • Superannuation – Contribution strategies and as you get closer to retirement and how a Transition to Retirement can make your benefit grow.
  • Age Pension explained

Don’t wait until retirement to start planning, think about your retirement strategies today!

Course Outcome

Students will have increased knowledge to assist them with decision-making on investment strategies

Important Information

  • This course will be presented and spoken in the Mandarin language only.

What to Bring

*Notepad and pen

Prerequisite: Essential

Some prior knowledge of student’s future intended strategies would be helpful – for discussion purposes.

Delivery Mode

Seminar is delivered in classroom – presentation and Q&A.