Burlesque Dancing - Introduction

Burlesque Dancing - Introduction

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Introduction to Burlesque Dancing – Sydney Course

Did you grow up dancing? Are you ready to put those moves back into a fun workout, but make it more age appropriate, whilst finding your inner diva? Would you like to meet new people, exercise, gain confidence in yourself, all whilst having a good time? Or maybe you are a beginner and have never danced before?

The Introduction to Burlesque Dancing course will cater to all levels and will introduce you to the cheeky world of Burlesque – The Art of Tease. The course also combines Pilates conditioning, stretching and lots of laughter.

Burlesque is for all open minded adults, of all body shapes and backgrounds. This class provides a safe environment where you can reclaim your confidence and celebrate the unique person you are.

Don’t worry, you can keep your clothes on, dress up or dress down, just make sure you can move in your clothes and bring a positive attitude.

Rachel Szabo, the instructor of the course, has over 3000 hours teaching the Pilates Method, over 18 years of dancing, including RAD Ballet, Jazz Ballet and most recently Burlesque. Rachel performs under the Stage Name of Ana Seethe, has been a member of the Burlesque Troupe, The Darlings for almost two years.

Macquarie Community College operates from a range of venues across North and Western Sydney. We have campuses in Blacktown, Carlingford, Chatswood, Mt Druitt, Richmond and Ryde. Enrol today or enquire now!

Course Outline

This is a Burlesque Dancing which includes pilates techniques.

In this course you will learn;

  • Burlesque basics
  • To safely work towards increasing strength and flexibility
  • How to use different elements of tease – boas, gloves, stockings
  • Learn body awareness
  • Floor work
  • A mini burlesque routine
  • About finding your own Burlesque character
  • To play to the assets you best like about your body
  • Pilates method principles

Session 1 – Introduction to the Burlesque – Walk, Bump and Grind
The first week’s class will be about introducing ourselves and learning a bit about Burlesque and what it can do for you. We will quickly discuss what you may choose to bring to upcoming classes. Then we will do a warmup, some Pilates conditioning, some stretches, then get into some very basic introductory burlesque moves which will focus on walking and the famous bump and grind. You may wish to bring some dance heels, or some small heels to practice dancing in. All followed by a short cool down.

Session 2 - Boas
Building on the introduction class, we will quickly chat about how we felt about the first class, before following the same format to the class, except this week we will focus on using feather boas as a prop to add to the moves we learnt last week. If you don’t have a boa, there will be a few provided, but a scarf is also fine if you don’t like feathers.

Session 3 – Keep your Hat On
This week’s Burlesque component will consist on dancing with a hat. Any hat is fine, but a few hats will be provided to have a play with!

Session 4 – Floor Work
This week’s lesson will focus on dance moves on the floor. You may prefer knee pads, or to wear clothes that cover the knees, or leg warmers.

Session 5 – Gloves
Glove peels! Lots of fun learning how to tease your gloves off whilst dancing. If you have any long gloves, please bring them along, otherwise there will be some available to borrow.

Session 6 - Stockings
We will learn a cheeky stocking peel for a bit of fun, so bring stockings and suspenders if you have them, or thigh high stockings/stay ups, some leg warmers, or long pair of socks.

Session 7 – Revision – 60’s week
This week will be a bit of a throwback to the 60’s. Feel free to dress up if you wish Before our final lesson, week seven will revise some of the moves we have learnt over the past six weeks. Then we will discuss what prop (Boas, Gloves, Hat or Stockings) we would like to work with for a combination for our final class next week.

Session 8 – The Chair
After a quicker warm up and strengthening section, we will use a chair as well as our decided prop of choice to put together a short dance combination to celebrate the end of term.

Course Outcome

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Have a general understanding of some of the elements of tease and styles of Burlesque,
  • Have improved fitness and flexibility
  • Understand the principles of The Pilates Method

What to Bring

Please bring a:

  • Yoga or workout mat
  • Water
  • Towel
  • Low heeled shoes (optional) eg: chorus shoes, ballroom shows, low heeled shoes – best if they have a buckle.
  • Wear comfortable clothes as you will be dancing, stretching and completing Pilates moves.

Prerequisite: Essential

This class is catered for participants of any level interested in dipping their toes in the fun world of Burlesque. Moves can be catered to dancers and non dancers, and is especially great for those who have been sitting at a desk all day.

Delivery Mode

The class is delivered in a dance/fitness class scenario in a private room.

Macquarie Community College operates from a range of venues across North and Western Sydney. We have campuses in Blacktown, Carlingford, Chatswood, Mt Druitt, Richmond and Ryde. Enrol today or enquire now!

Important Information

If you have any injuries, please obtain a doctor’s clearance before attending. You don’t need a dance background to join in, just the ability to get on an off the floor.