Chair-Based Yoga and Meditation

Chair-Based Yoga and Meditation

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Chair-Based Yoga and Meditation – Sydney Course

Have you ever wanted to try yoga and meditation but weren’t keen about getting onto the floor to do it? This chair-based yoga class comprises poses that can be performed while seated in a chair, or while standing.

The practice of yoga can help improve mobility and strength, ease tensions, and aid relaxation and focus. As one ancient text describes it, yoga is “the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind”.

In this course you will experience how mindful movement, conscious breathing, and relaxation and meditation practices can help achieve clarity of thought, and relax and rejuvenate the body. and specific meditation techniques.

Each student’s health status, fitness and general physical abilities are considered, and alternative postures suggested accordingly. In addition to learning the yoga practices of Asana and Pranayama, at least 20 minutes in every class is dedicated to breathing, relaxation and meditation practices.

This course is a gentle, meditative yoga class and is suitable for the complete beginner.

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Course Outline

This course introduces the following yoga practices:

  • Asana – the physical poses and sequences used to release physical tensions and build the strength to be still
  • Pranayama – breathing techniques to improve breathing and aid relaxation
  • Relaxation and meditation practices to calm and strengthen the mind

Course Outcome

By the end of the course, you will have:

  • Experienced techniques that will improve physical and mental fitness
  • Learned how to refine yoga practices to suit your current level of fitness
  • Developed greater understanding and awareness of your body and mind

What to bring

Please bring:

  • Towel or blanket for padding against chair, or to act as a foot rest, if needed
  • Water
  • Something warm to cover yourself during relaxation and meditation. Your body temperature will drop as you start to relax.

Important Information

New students will be required to complete a general health questionnaire at their first class. If you have a pre-existing health condition, please consult a qualified health professional before participating.


This level is for the complete beginner. No previous experience of yoga or meditation is necessary.

Delivery Mode

This class is a gentle, meditative yoga class. Physical movements are demonstrated and explained by the instructor with suggestions provided to adapt or increase the intensity for different levels of ability.
Breathing, relaxation and meditation practices are performed seated with verbal guidance from the instructor.