China Travel Tips and Basic Phrases

China Travel Tips and Basic Phrases

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China Travel Tips and Basic Phrases – Sydney Course

Ni hao! You might think you know what to expect if you head to China: historic sites, scenic landscapes, large crowds and delicious food. However, not everything is as it seems and, if you’re on your first visit to China, there will be plenty of surprises in what is not only one of the world’s greatest travel destinations, but one of the world’s fastest-changing and most optimistic societies.

If you are planning a trip to China soon, wanting to learn the Chinese Mandarin language or interested in studying more about Chinese culture, then this course is for you!

In this China Travel Tips and Basic Phrases course you will learn about travel safety and money tips, how to haggle at the shops, basic greetings and useful phrases to help you get around, understanding local foods and etiquette, what to do if you visit a local’s home, a brief history on customs and more!

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Course Outline

In this China Travel Tips and Basic Phrases course you will learn:

  • How to prepare for medical issues that may occur
  • How to determine what is safe to eat and drink
  • How to understand the process of haggling in other countries
  • How to buy and organise travel spending money better
  • Commonly used phrases and vocabulary for greetings, numbers/currency, asking for directions, booking accommodation, transport, restaurants, shopping, emergencies
  • Different types of local favourite fruits
  • Tips whilst travelling on the road and recognising signage
  • Tips for shopping and travelling
  • What to do when visiting a local’s home
  • Etiquette
  • Taboo food
  • Correct form of addressing names and titles
  • Brief history of customs

Course Outcome

In this course, you will learn basic vocabulary and expressions to help you communicate in various travel situations: How to greet and say thank you and goodbyes, how to introduce yourself, how to order food in a simple way, and asking prices and how to ask for directions. You will also learn about Chinese culture and travel tips to help you get around the country.

What to Bring

  • Notepad and pen.

Comprehensive course notes are provided.

Prerequisite: Essential

This level is for the complete beginner and assumes no prior knowledge.

Delivery Mode

China Travel Tips and Basic Phrases class is delivered in a classroom environment. We use a mixture of materials such as, multimedia and group activities