Crochet - Intermediate

Crochet - Intermediate

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Crochet – Fun Projects – Sydney Course

This course makes learning the next level of crochet fun, while teaching you everything after the basics. We welcome anyone who has taken our Crochet for Beginners course, or who already has basic crochet skills. Come along and have fun. All materials are provided. Be prepared to be excited, challenged and amazed by what you can do with your crochet hook. This course is designed to extend basic crochet knowledge by exposing participants to a variety of intermediate level crochet techniques. Participants must know the basics of crochet and preferably have completed a beginners crochet course. During the 4 weeks, we will learn and explore both new stitches and shapes (motifs) in crochet.

Each week, the participant is provided with the opportunity to learn a new crochet technique and use this technique to make a project at home. The course notes include detailed instructions, patterns and various other tips to help participants achieve their goals. The course is aimed as a teaching module and the patterns are demonstrated in class. Project suggestions are provided, so that students feel free to attempt small or large projects in their own time.

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Course Outline

  • Learn the shell stitch and use it to make mittens
  • Learn a flower granny square and use it to make a scarf
  • Designing with granny squares & motifs (projects with motifs)
  • Master joining motifs using the motifs you have created in class.
  • Learn to make crochet triangle and use this motif to make a shawl

Course Outcome

  • Learn intermediate level crochet moving up from basic stitches
  • Master colour change with no mess
  • Master complicated granny squares
  • Learn how to design with Granny squares
  • Learn to read a pattern
  • Learn how to conceptualise a project using stitches and shapes
  • Learn to finish your project properly

What to Bring

Please bring:

  • Crochet hook set - if you have one
  • Pair of scissors

*Notepad and pen

Additional Information

  • Comprehensive course notes provided

Important Information

  • Students will be required to complete the project in their own time at home.

Prerequisite: Essential

  • This is a course designed for those who have already done the beginners course (or know how to crochet) and wish to extend their crochet knowledge and explore design and crochet stitches.

Delivery Mode

  • The class is delivered in a classroom