Drawing and Painting - All Levels

Drawing and Painting - All Levels

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Drawing and Painting – All Levels – Sydney Course

Learn drawing and painting techniques in a variety of media such as pencil, acrylics or watercolour paints. Your observation and artistic self-expression will be strengthened through studying a range of subjects during the course, from still-life, figures, landscapes and photos.

This class accommodates all levels of students. Beginners to more experienced artists will learn how to draw and paint using different techniques. Everyone works at their own pace with personal guidance from the tutor.

Enjoy the pleasure of the creative process, learning with and from fellow students, whilst working in a relaxed group environment.

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Course Outline

A variety of drawing media may be utilised including, pencils, acrylic and oil or watercolour paint.

This course commences with two weeks of drawing where various aspects such as tone, line, shape and good observation are covered. Then students are introduced to mixing colours in the painting medium of their choice. A different subject matter, such as skies, trees, water, still life, flowers, landscape, etc. will be introduced each week. Students can suggest the topic for the following week.

For the last two weeks of the course students are invited to work on a subject of their own. Experienced students are welcome to follow their own interest throughout the course with the tutor’s assistance.

Topics include:

  • Tone, form, line, basic shapes
  • Still life
  • Figures
  • Landscapes
  • Composition and scale
  • Mixing colours
  • Working outdoors

Course Outcome

By the end of the course students will have completed a number of drawings and paintings and will have gained skills in handling a number of different subjects.

The classroom setting allows students to enjoy the pleasure of the creative process and the companionship of fellow students, whilst improving skills in drawing and painting. There is no pass or fail in art – and taking time out for yourself on a regular basis and applying your creative eye is invariably good for the soul!

What to Bring

  • Sketchbook of cartridge drawing paper (A3 or A4)
  • A range of pencils, eg: HB, 2B, 4B, 6B
  • Ruler, eraser
  • Art materials used/collected at home; ie: paints, brushes, pastels
  • Cloth to protect the work table is recommended

Note: No textbook required.

Painting materials required will be discussed in this first class. Students who already have painting materials should bring them along as it may not be necessary for them to obtain any other materials.

Prerequisite: Desirable

  • Beginners welcome, as well as experienced artists.

Delivery Mode

This course is face to face, hands on and very interactive.

Course testimonials:

  • Joanne said: Melissa is an excellent teacher and also a very talented and experienced artist. Her art classes are always interesting, informative and based on her extensive knowledge and skills. Melissa also excelled in the remote learning environment. Her videos and facilitation of the class made it feel like we were all together in the same room.

  • Prue said: Pre-recorded short tutorials on the day's topic. Excellent demonstration of the skills required with an accompanying explanation/description. Really got a lot from it. Supportive teacher and group. Opportunity to present progressing and completed work for comment and feedback.

  • Ann Maree said: The variety offered by the teacher - every attempt is made to ensure each student can work at their own skill level