How to Increase Emotional Intelligence

How to Increase Emotional Intelligence

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How to Increase Emotional Intelligence' - Sydney Course

Emotional Intelligence focusses on a person’s ability to understand, manage and control their own emotions as well as the emotions of others.

Having an increased awareness of your Emotional Intelligence can support you in your everyday performance and interpersonal relationships. It may also give you an insight and appreciation for people around you, at home and at work, and allow you to communicate with them in a more effective way.

The good news is that Emotional Intelligence can be learned and can enhance your personal and professional success.

In this interactive course you will have a chance to measure your current Emotional Intelligence using a professional evaluation tool and learn the ways to improve it. You will also learn more about emotions in general, work on strengths and weakness and come up with a framework for personal and professional improvements.

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Course Outline

In this course you will learn:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Emotions
  • Feelings
  • Increased awareness
  • Personal success
  • Professional success
  • Performance
  • EI test

Course Outcome

At the end of the course you will:

  • know your current emotional intelligence and understand the benefits of improving your emotional intelligence.
  • increase your awareness of the various areas of emotional intelligence that will allow you to understand people better and communicate with them more effectively.
  • be able to discover your relative strengths and weakness to improve your everyday performance.
  • learn to be more disciplined with emotions that are not helpful to you and to others.
  • learn effective ways to influence others in a positive ways.
  • will create a framework for personal and professional improvement.

What to bring

Please bring a:

  • Pen and notepad

Other materials will be provided


This course is suitable for anyone and assumes no prior knowledge of Emotional Intelligence.

Delivery Mode

The class is delivered in a classroom.