German - Advanced (Level 6 and above)

German - Advanced (Level 6 and above)

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German – Advanced – Sydney Course

Course Description

German – Advanced assumes students have completed at least two years of recent study. In this course, we only speak German so it is important that the student already has a good command of the German language.

Course Outline


  • Students will give a short talk of his/her choice in German
  • Listen to and understand a German text
  • Watch a German movie
  • Talk about his/her activities during the week

Note: This is a guide only

Course Outcome

  • At the end of the course, you will have revised grammar applicable to your individual needs. You will have improved your German speaking skills and know about German current affairs.

What to Bring

  • You will need a pen and notebook.
  • Comprehensive course notes are provided.

Prerequisite: Essential

Students will need to have:

  • A good command of the German language
  • Good knowledge of German grammar

Delivery Mode

  • This course is classroom-based. You will be reading dialogue, discussing with the group, and carrying out group exercises.