Lawn Bowls for Beginners

Lawn Bowls for Beginners

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Lawn Bowls for Beginners – Sydney Course

Lawn bowls can be played on equal terms by almost anyone! It does not require special strength or athletic ability, plus it’s a game that a diverse age group can play together. Few other competitive sports can have someone play with a parent or grandparent on the same team.

Beecroft Bowling Club is providing a six week course for people of any age who would like to learn to play lawn bowls. Lawn bowls is a game suitable for people of all ages and abilities from children through to older adults. Students can progress at their own pace and lessons will be tailored to individual needs and strengths.

You will learn about lawn bowls safety, etiquette, scoring, measurement and a variety of useful skills and techniques to help you excel on the green.

By the end of the course, the student will be proficient enough to participate in social games at any bowling club once they become a bowling club member. New bowlers at Beecroft Bowling Club can receive membership at half price and receive great support by current players at the club. Uniforms are not required for social games, although bowls shoes are highly recommended and only flat soles are permitted on the green.

Friendship and camaraderie is at the core of bowling clubs and Beecroft Bowling Club is no exception. Even though lawn bowls is a challenging and competitive sport, one of the tenants of lawn bowls is to treat others with empathy and respect.

Macquarie Community College operates from a range of venues across North and Western Sydney. We have campuses in Carlingford, Chatswood, Mt Druitt, Richmond and many more. Enrol today or enquire now!

Course Outline

In this course you will learn:

  • Safety on the green
  • Green layout – lines, markers and pegs
  • Placement of the mat
  • Rolling the jack
  • Understand the bowl bias
  • Bowl grip and stance
  • Backhand & forehand deliveries
  • Touchers and dead bowls
  • Score card, score board & indicating
  • Measuring
  • Estimating closest bowl
  • Drawing shots to different lengths
  • Bowls in the ditch
  • Explain different games, eg pairs, triples etc
  • Commonly used terms
  • Etiquette
  • Rules
  • Bowls shops information
  • Competition Bowls
  • Care of bowls

Course Outcome

By the end of the course, the student will have a basic knowledge of the rules of bowls and enough skill to participate in a social game at the club.

Membership will be discussed, but there is no obligation to join. At the end of the course, the students are invited to play with the current club members for Saturday afternoon social bowls as visitors.

What to bring

Please bring:

  • Flat shoes
  • a hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Course notes provided
  • Cold water available but please bring a drink bottle
  • Wet weather gear (if needed)

Important Information

All students will be notified by phone if the lesson is cancelled due to inclement weather and a make-up lesson will be organised.
Please note for parking, there are two available car parks off Copeland Road.


This course is for the complete beginner and assumes no prior knowledge of lawn bowls.

Delivery Mode

The class will be delivered on the green after a short introduction and warm up.