Aged Care

Before I started studying Aged Care, I went to find a job but I didn’t have a certificate or knowledge in the aged care community. Now I’m studying aged care at MCC. I’m so excited every time I enter the classroom because it’s more learning for me and the teacher is very helpful. I love the way she teaches us. She explains every detail of the discussion. After I finish this course I think the knowledge I’ve learned from the course will be the beginning of my journey.

Edna, student

Digital Literacy I-II

I loved completing MCC’s (Digital) Literacy I-II class, I learned many things including E-mail, Word and Power Point. The course was Fee-Free which was a wonderful opportunity for me because I needed computer skills for the librarian course I want to do next year. Before completing this course, I didn’t know about “Google docs” but now I can use it. The skills I have gained will really benefit me now and in the future. In addition, my teacher was really kind and friendly which made me really enjoy the course. I recommend the course to future students who need computer skills and to help them progress to future courses like me.

Kaori, student

I was interested in the computer literacy courses part 1 & 2 for work and to learn some basic computer skills. Before this course I had no idea how to use a computer. What I have now learnt will benefit me now and in the future. I enjoyed learning with my instructor and made some great friends. When I had a problem the instructor was understanding and everyone was very helpful. This course is a great experience and I recommend it for future students as it will be very helpful for the future and improving computer skills.

Lutfur, student

I used to be an analogue person until I completed the Digital Literacy I-II courses. I was often frustrated when I faced difficulties using devices & software for computers. Thankfully, I was given a wonderful course by MCC to improve my digital skills. I learnt many skills including how to print, present in front of an audience, make my own business cards, and collaborate with other people online. Now I am getting more confident with using computers, USB and printing. I really would like to recommend this course to people who are struggling to use a computer.

Moker, student

Excellent course with Nick. Have learnt many new things and the world has opened up even more. Learnt particularly about Gmail and the benefits of having this account. Thank you to MCC for offering this course.

Annette, student

English for Job Seekers

This course is a wonderful opportunity to become job ready. The efficient and ever helpful trainer Silvana made it smooth sailing. Thank you for this beautiful experience.

Tripti, student

This class was very interesting, we got a chance to improve our knowledge of the job seeking process in Australia. Our teacher was very helpful, her guidance was awesome. She was very patient throughout the course. I enjoyed this course a lot.

Pragya, student

This has been a wonderful experience, the trainer Silvana was very lovely and had comprehensive knowledge of the course. This course fulfilled my expectations very well.

Aliga, student

Solutions for Employers

Macquarie Community College delivers tailored courses to suit the needs of our clients and industry. They focus on opportunities within key skill shortage industries as well as providing a hands on experience for our clients.
Macquarie Community College go over and above to ensure they meet the demands of our clients and the employers they liaise with. Most importantly, they have an understanding of what industry opportunities there are and match our clients to suitable employers.

Chad, Ability Options

Foreign Languages

I have enjoyed having to think (for 2 hours/week) about the language. I have enjoyed the activities provided and meeting new people.

Karen, student (French Level 2)

Trainer (was) fantastic- made content fun, interesting and easy to follow.

Sarah, student (Spanish for Travellers)


Great presenter, very knowledgeable, thoroughly enjoyed the course.

Sarah, student (Beginners – Digital Photography)

It was good to do an authentic course. It was good to learn how to source unfamiliar ingredients.

Ron, student (Thai Cooking)

I just want to say how much I enjoyed the Pioneer Village Photography Day on Sunday. It was a great location, providing some great photo opportunities and backgrounds. I want to thank you for all the advice and tips you gave us. I learned a lot from you. Also I thank you for your nice friendly manner and endless patience. I got some really great pics! (Some of my best ever!) If ever you do any more photography courses, I will be sure to come!

Ray, student (Photography – Australiana Pioneer Village Day Trip)


I enjoyed the course and will take a lot from attending.

Scott, student (Introduction to Remedial Massage)


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