College Membership

Individuals interested in actively supporting the Purpose, Vision and Values of the College are welcome to apply for membership of Macquarie Community College, a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee.

Membership is $20 per annum and is different to an enrolment as a student.

Membership entitles you to receive information about the College operations through an annual report and you are invited to attend and vote at the general meetings of Members of the College.

You can apply by completing the confidential membership application form and returning it as per the instructions on the application form.

So that you understand the rights and responsibilities of being a member please review the Macquarie Community College Constitution and the Members Code of Conduct prior to signing your application form.

Once your completed application is received it will be considered by the Board of Directors of the College. If your membership is accepted, you will receive written notice of this and a request to pay the membership fee. Upon receipt of that payment, your membership will take effect.