Adult Tap Dancing – All Levels

Rhythmic, precise and loads of fun, tap dancing is a great way to exercise whilst improving your coordination skills. The all levels adult tap dancing class is suitable for both beginners or students
2 classes available

Advanced Guitar Lessons

Welcome to our Advanced Guitar Lessons, perfect for anyone looking to develop their guitar playing skills to a Stage 4 level! If you are familiar with guitar fundamentals this course is tailored to ta
1 class available

Ceroc and Modern Jive Dancing

Welcome to the world of Ceroc and Modern Jive Dancing, a dance form that seamlessly blends elements of jive, dirty dancing, salsa, and swing to create a smooth and stylish partner dance experience. Wh
1 class available

Flamenco Guitar – Introduction

Take your guitar skills to another level by learning the rhythmic and expressive style of Flamenco Guitar. This course is suitable for guitarists who already know bar chords and want to challenge them
0 classes available

Guitar Lessons – Beginners

Would you like to learn the foundations of playing the guitar? Look no further than our Guitar Lessons for Beginners . This interactive course is designed to introduce foundational techniques in chord
2 classes available

Guitar Lessons – Intermediate

Are you ready to build on your foundational guitar skills? Join our Intermediate Guitar (Stage 2) course and improve your ability in a fun, interactive, and collaborative environment. With our interme
1 class available

Jive, Cha Cha, Rhumba, Samba and Ballroom Dancing

Take part in a fun evening of ballroom dancing, including popular dance styles such as Jive, Cha Cha, Rhumba, Samba and many more. Beginners and advanced students are welcome. In this class, everyone
1 class available

Ukulele – Beginners

There’s emerging evidence that learning to play a musical instrument is good for your physical health: it improves posture, hand-eye coordination, etc. It’s also good for your mental health: pract
1 class available