Tech Savvy Seniors – Installing Apps on an Android Smartphone or Tablet

Course Overview

Smartphones and tablets are extremely useful and powerful if you know how to use them properly. It’s like having a small portable computer in your hands, conveniently available to be used at any time to access information and to connect with others.

This class is for people that want to learn how to install apps on an android smartphone or tablet. An app or application is software that you can install onto your device. These apps can help you save time in everyday situations, such as:

  • Working out the time till the next train into the city
  • Navigating the roads through byron bay
  • Locating the nearest aTM;
  • Translating (eg. “Where is the nearest toilet?” in Japanese)
  • Finding out which way is North

There are thousands of apps available that allow you to tailor your smartphone or tablet to do exactly what you want it to do. Many of these apps are free, but some have a charge. This class will show you how to choose and install apps to help you in everyday situations.

Please note: When you first setup your android smartphone or tablet, you would have been asked to provide an email address and a password. This email address is your Google ID and is required to install apps. Please bring your Google ID and password to the class. If you don’t know or don’t have these details, please ask the person who helped you set up your smartphone or tablet. Without your Google ID and password, you will not be able to install any apps.

This course is for those who own an android smartphone or Tablet (eg. Google Pixel, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Lenovo, Razer, OnePlus, Sony). For those who have an Apple iPhone or iPad, please attend our ‘Tech Savvy Seniors – Installing Apps on an Apple iPhone or iPad’ course.

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What you will learn

Course outline

This is a hands-on workshop which teaches you how to install apps. There will be opportunities to personalise your android smartphone or tablet by installing apps that would most benefit your personal situation.

Topics covered include

  • What is an app?
  • What apps do you get when you buy your android smartphone or tablet?
  • Which apps are useful – group discussion.
  • What is the Google Play store?
  • Different types of apps – free or purchased
  • What is a good app? How to decide between similar apps?
  • What is side loading? Should I do it?
  • Installing apps – hands on practice!
  • Deleting apps – two different ways

Note: Remember to bring your Google ID and password – otherwise you won't be able to install anything!

Macquarie Community College operates from a range of venues across Northern and Western Sydney. We have campuses in Blacktown, Carlingford, Chatswood, Epping, Mt Druitt, Richmond, and Ryde. Enrol now!

Course outcome

By the end of this course, you will have an understanding of what an App is, the different types of Apps available, and how to install (and delete) Apps on your Android Smartphone or Tablet.

What you need to know

Entry requirements

Prerequisite: Desirable

This workshop builds on knowledge covered in other Tech Savvy Senior workshops. It would be useful, but not essential, if you had attended some of the other Tech Savvy Seniors classes listed below.

Prerequisite: Essential

Participants must be over 60 years old. Tech Savvy Seniors is an initiative of the NSW Ageing Strategy and is funded in partnership between the NSW Government and Telstra.

What you need to provide

  • Your Google ID and password
  • Notepad and pen
  • Your Android Smartphone or Tablet (please do not bring an Apple iPhone or iPad)
  • Please come to the class with the name of one app that:
  • You would like to install on your Android Smartphone or Tablet
  • You think is useful and you would like to tell other people about

Please note, there are no handouts in this course as it is a hands-on workshop.

This course is NOT suitable for those with a:

  • Microsoft phone or tablet
  • Blackberry phone
  • Linux phone

Coming soon

There are currently no classes scheduled for this course.

Please check back later as classes are added regularly or get in touch for more information.

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  • Virtual classroom
  • Complete workplace training
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