Gender Pay Gap Statement

Macquarie Community College (MCC) including its subsidiary entities is committed to promoting equity and fairness across all aspects of its operations and we recognise the importance of addressing any issues, including equitable remuneration. We are dedicated to fostering a workplace culture that values diversity and inclusion, and we are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all employees. 

Each year we participate in a survey conducted by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).  Our recent 2023 report has identified an issue we review on a regular basis. This summary statement explains what the issue is, why the issue arises and some actions we are taking at MCC to keep focus on narrowing any gender pay gaps. 

Gender Pay Gap Overview: 

We acknowledge that a gender pay gap exists within our organisation. This gap is primarily attributed to the disproportionate representation of females in part-time and non-management roles, which is a characteristic of our traditionally female dominated industry and our organisation that provides flexible and part-time opportunities.  

While our gender pay gap (4.7%) is much ahead of our industry group (8.7%), we continue to strive for improvement and achieving a gender pay balance. 

Our commitment is to identify, understand, and address these disparities to create a more equitable work environment. 

Analysis and Understanding: 

MCC is actively working to analyse and understand the factors contributing to the gender pay gap within our organisation. We recognise that casual employment arrangements can contribute to inequities, and we are committed to continue our focus on examining and addressing the various elements influencing pay differentials, including: 

  1. Occupational Segregation: We will review the distribution of male and female employees across different roles within the organisation to identify any patterns of occupational segregation that may contribute to the gender pay gap. 
  2. Hours of Work: We will assess the impact of part-time and casual employment on overall remuneration, recognising that women may be disproportionately represented in part-time roles. 
  3. Career Progression: We will evaluate opportunities for career advancement and professional development to ensure that all employees, irrespective of gender, have equal access to growth opportunities within the organisation. 

Action Plan: 

MCC is committed to implementing an action plan to address the gender pay gap. This plan will include the following key initiatives: 

  1. Pay Equity Reviews: Conduct annual reviews of remuneration to identify and rectify any unjustified pay disparities based on gender. 
  2. Flexible Work Arrangements: Enhance and promote flexible work arrangements to support work-life balance, for all our employees. 
  3. Training and Development: Implement training programs to promote equal opportunities for career advancement and skill development. 
  4. Transparent Communication: Maintain open and transparent communication with employees regarding our efforts to address the gender pay gap, ensuring that all staff members are informed and engaged in the process. 

Progress Monitoring: 

MCC is committed to regularly monitoring and reporting on the progress made in addressing the gender pay gap. We will provide updates on our initiatives, share successes and challenges, and remain accountable for our commitment to achieving pay equity. 


By addressing the gender pay gap, MCC is taking a proactive stance toward creating a workplace that upholds the principles of equality and fairness. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where all employees, regardless of gender or employment status, can thrive and contribute to the success of our organisation.