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A new high school in Carlingford - Open Day for students commencing Yr 9 or 10 in 2021

A new high school in Carlingford – Open Day for students commencing Yr 9 or 10 in 2021

In 2021, Gateway Community High will open its doors to Year 9 and 10 students who will thrive outside the conventional schooling system. Gateway reimagines the middle-high school experience for young people who don’t necessarily fit the standard school system and will thrive in a smaller, more supportive environment. The school will specifically focus on Year 9 &10 students to enable them to complete the Year 10 NSW Record of School Achievement (ROSA), and provide a gateway to ongoing education or training, whether that be Year 11 and 12 or vocational training.

The school is an initiative of Macquarie Community College, which has been providing vocational education for adults with barriers to learning  for 70 years.

Achieve. Belong. Grow.

Gateway offers an opportunity for students to thrive by gaining a real sense of confidence and belonging. Our alternative approaches will be unique – our students will be expected to be the drivers of their own educational destiny. It’s a place of flexible, engaging and practical learning where students can reconnect with their learning.

“We engage students in experiential-style learning, provide specialist language, literacy or numeracy help where necessary, and build in additional time for students to pursue their own interests and projects. We have a strictly no homework policy and incorporate a healthy exercise program that enhances individual health and wellbeing. We’re confident this program gives students the boost they need” says Ms Collignon, Gateway Community High CEO.

Sydney mum Louise Miller wishes the launch of Gateway Community High had happened in time for her son Jack, whose severe social anxiety led to school refusal three years ago.

“The conventional school system is simply not suitable for all children, including sensitive, creative ‘internalisers’ like my Jack” says Louise, an educator herself.

“Gateway Community High fills a critical gap, giving parents, and teenagers who are not thriving, alternative education opportunities to consider…“.

Read more about Louise and Jack's story.

An Alternative High School

Gateway Community High is not a special needs or behavioural school – It’s an alternative high school with tailored support and special assistance dedicated to students who are unique in their own way and who:

  • Will thrive outside a mainstream educational environment
  • Are looking for a place of belonging and safety
  • Are interested in learning and willing to put in the effort to succeed
  • Would benefit from extra support and attention to re-engage in their education
  • May have missed some language, literacy or numeracy fundamentals
  • Are looking to build their pathway to future Vocational Education Training (VET) or Year 11 and 12 studies.

Come Along to our Open Day

If you're a parent of a teenager commencing Yr 9 or 10 in 2021, we welcome you to come and visit our school at one of our open days. You will hear first-hand why Gateway Community High could be the right school for you.

​There are 3 Open Day dates to choose from:

  • Wed, 11 November: 4PM – 6PM
  • Sat, 14 November: 10AM – 12PM
  • Thu, 19 November: 4PM – 6PM

​Book your spot now.

For more information about Gateway Community High, visit our website, call (02) 8845 8835 or email