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Tutor Spotlight: David Vasey

David Vasey has been teaching Tech Savvy Seniors for nearly a decade at Macquarie Community College.

When we asked what keeps him returning year after year he simply said “Because it is fun – I’m too old to do things that I don’t enjoy”. It’s clear that his continued dedication to the program stems from his passion to spend his time teaching technology.

David says he’d be rich if he got a dollar every time he heard a senior say “I asked my son or granddaughter a technology question and they said I’ve told you already!“.

David knows that we all have had a lifetime of experience, just maybe not a lifetime learning technology. But in todays world we all need to be tech savvy because the whole world is moving in that direction.

David gets great satisfaction when one of his students says, “Oh, it’s not that difficult, is it?” realising technology isn’t as daunting as it first looks.

He jokes about those working for Apple, Google or Microsoft asking each other, “How can we make it absolutely impossible to use?”

David knows that many older people are fearful of breaking their phone or PC whereas younger people have no such fears. Despite these fears, he assures that to be a Tech Savvy Senior “You just need to give it a go, or come to a class and have some fun!”.