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Why does it matter if there is a digital gender gap?

Why does it matter if there is a digital gender gap?

International Women’s Day is always a good day to reflect on the work we do here at Macquarie Community College and how it empowers women to reach their potential. The United Nation’s theme for 2023 is "DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality".

The sad reality that was highlighted in the past few years of Covid and lockdowns is that there is a significant “digital divide” when it comes to those that have access to the internet, devices and technology and digital literacy skills and those who do not.

The digital divide has an overall negative impact on income inequality, career progression, ability to access services, and increasing social isolation.

It affects all generations, city and regional communities, and the gap is larger for women and girls than men and boys.

Women and girls that lack digital skills and knowledge to use technology find it hard to even make a start and progress to their potential in learning  – and will face barriers to finding employment and career progression.

At Macquarie Community College there are two aspects of supporting a more gender equal world in the digital era we live in now.

Firstly we support and empower many of the women who learn, teach, work and connect with the College by actively increasing their skills and confidence in using technology in our ever-more online world. By providing computers for all students to access on our campuses we also increase access to those that don’t have or cannot afford to have the equipment or data to get online.

Secondly, we celebrate the contribution that women and girls are making to technology and education. So, a shout out to our incredible trainers and teachers – and our students and former students that are using or creating technology and innovation as part of their life and work.

A Commitment to Digital Inclusion

We think everyone should have access to digital technologies, information and services available online. We know it takes skill, confidence, tools and time to become tech-savvy.

At Macquarie Community College we provide several courses and programs tailored to an individual’s computer skill level. This includes a basic computer skills course to help learners develop their digital capabilities for personal use, study or work and gain confidence using a computer.

For all our computer skills courses visit:

Apart from providing free access to our campus computing resources to all students Macquarie Community College runs a device loan program and many training courses that help our students increase the digital literacy and promote their inclusion in a digital world.

The Power of Learning and Connection

International Women’s Day reminds us each year that the majority of our students, staff and directors are women. We learn, work, and connect with women as a strong point.

We aim to practice our belief in diversity and inclusion every day so that the College is an equitable place to learn and connect with others. We welcome all. We live our commitment to make our students feel welcome, supported and respected no matter where they are starting from or where they are heading on their learning pathway.

Together we strive to achieve our vision – stronger communities through the power of learning and connection.

Learningcan be in any one of our huge range of courses from a short course in using the internet to an online or in person English class or a nationally recognised qualification relevant to employment.

MCC is a place where it is not just what our students learn in classrooms that helps empower them. We see the connectionsand friendships they make whether that be face-to-face in a classroom or online on Zoom.

We know our students meet role models along the way. We hear about the boost to their confidence and self-esteem gained from acquiring new skills and knowledge. We see the pride in their achievements as they complete their work-placements, their projects and their courses.

Connections are made to and between fellow students, with staff, employers, local community organisations, government agencies and to the broader community at large.

Enjoy this international women’s day and take a moment to celebrate the fabulous women in your life that have made a difference, that have empowered you and helped you reach your potential and made their contribution to making our communities stronger– and while you are at it pick up the phone or send them an email to say 'Thank you'!

Theresa Collignon

A basic computer skills course is great for beginners, helping learners develop their digital technology skills for personal use, study or at work.

Students learn:

  • How to use computers for routine personal and workplace related tasks
  • How to access, create, save and manage Word documents and Excel spreadsheets
  • How to use the internet for research
  • How to use emails to communicate

For all our basic computer skills courses visit:

Taking our computer training to the community!

Our Tech Savvy Seniors help seniors upskill on today’s technology. Students learn:

  • Computer Basics
  • Introduction to Tablets & Smart Phones
  • Introduction to Blogging
  • Introduction to Skype
  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Introduction to Email
  • Introduction to Cyber Safety
  • Introduction to Online Shopping

For all our tech savvy seniors classes visit: