Basic Drawing Techniques

Basic Drawing Techniques

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Basic Drawing Techniques – Sydney Course

Drawing is a valuable preparation skill for all arts and crafts people as well as an artform in its own right. Learn the basics of drawing including perspective, shading and sur-face textures to draw flowers, landscapes, buildings, pets and people using pencil, charcoal and ink.

Course Outline

Topics include:
Introduction to materials and equipment
Elements and Principles of Art
Draftsmanship – pencil, charcoal, ink
Tone and Shading
Surface Textures
Subjects – Still Life, Buildings, Landscapes, Plants, Trees and Flowers, Pets and People.

Course Outcome

By the end of the course it is intended that students understand the principles of observational drawing and the use of drawing media to produce satisfying drawings.

What to Bring

First lesson – Sketch book of A3 Cartridge paper, 3B & 6B graphite pencils.
List of other materials provided at first lesson.
Drawing boards & information sheets provided.

Prerequisite: Desirable

No prior knowledge reqired. This course is for beginners and those wishing to take their drawing skills to a new level.

Delivery Mode

This course will involve a combination of tutor demonstrations and student practical work. Step by step guidence from tutor as students work on projects. Homework given each lesson.