Fashion Styling - Come Alive with Colour

Fashion Styling - Come Alive with Colour

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Come Alive with Colour- Sydney Course

Learn how to project confidence and master the art of illusion through colour and contrast. Knowing, appreciating and using a greater range of colours in your wardrobe which harmonise with your personal colouring will save you time, energy and money when shopping. Learn how to use colour to project the image you need or desire. Discover how to combine, co-ordinate and wear colours to enhance and improve your appearance and give you confidence. Mix and match your entire wardrobe easily and without fuss.

Course Outline

  • Colour Theory and the Colour Wheel
  • The Aims of Colour Analysis
  • Colour Analysis Groupings
  • Individual Colour Draping
  • Using Your Colour Swatch
  • Understanding Contrast and Combining Colours
  • Makeup and Accessory Colours

Course Outcome

Students will learn how to choose colours to suit their hair, skin and eye colour and how to combine colours using their personal colour swatch in order to build a flattering wardrobe.

What to Bring

Please wear minimal or no makeup on the day.

Important Information

Optional: Personal colour swatches will be available to purchase for $65.00 from the tutor.

Delivery Mode

The class is delivered in a classroom.