French - Advanced (previously Level 6 and above)

French - Advanced (previously Level 6 and above)

French – Advanced – Sydney Course

French – Advanced is largely conducted in the language you are studying. You should have completed at least two years study previously. Advanced courses provide an opportunity to perfect specific areas of grammar and vocabulary. They provide participants with the opportunity to practice conversation at an advanced level. The content of advanced classes is designed in consultation with the students. Course notes provided.

Course Outline

Topics covered:

  • Speaking and participating in a conversation
  • Practising useful vocabularies, spoken expressions, tenses and sentence structure in a simple fashion.
  • Being capable of speaking about personal experiences and events, hopes and dreams, personal objectives etc.
  • Expressing yourself fluently when giving explanations of personal opinions or projects, telling a story, the plot of a movie, the recipe for a favourite dish
  • Listening and comprehension
  • Comprehension of the essential points of the language about familiar topics such as family, school, work, leisure time activities
  • Comprehension of the essentials of radio/television programs about the diversity of daily news or about personal or professional interests
  • Sentence structure
  • Practising essential tenses such as the practical usage of the conditional in every day spoken language

What to Bring

  • Pen and notebook.
  • Comprehensive course notes are provided.

Prerequisite: Essential

  • Students will need to have completed a minimum of two years' study, and have basic French conversational skills.

Delivery Mode

  • This course is classroom-based and includes group activities and discussion. Parts of this class will be taught in French.