Modern Acrylic Painting

Modern Acrylic Painting

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Modern Art Acrylic Painting

Modern Art Acrylic Painting is for both beginner and experienced students. Acrylics can be used to create both traditional and modern style artworks. Learn about use of different mediums, composition, design, colour and tone. Acrylic dries fast and can be combined with painting mediums and collages to produce wonderful textural effects.

Course Outline

Topics include:

  • An introduction to materials and equipment
  • Use of mediums
  • Colour and tone
  • Composition and design
  • Traditional and abstract subjects

Course Outcome

It is intended that by the end of the course students will be able to create paintings on canvas and paper using acrylics with mediums and collage.

Materials Provided

  • For the first lesson, the tutor will supply students with the required materials e.g. paint.

What to Bring

  • For the first lesson, bring an A3 sketchbook and 3B pencil. A list of materials and equipment will be provided and explained to students during their first lesson.

Important Information

  • There may be an additional materials cost of $105. Discussed at class.

Prerequisite: Essential

  • Students do not need to have any previous experience painting with acrylics.

Delivery Mode

  • This course will involve a combination of teacher demonstrations and student practical work. Teacher will provide guidance for individual projects.