Spanish – Beginners

Course Overview

Continue your exciting journey into the Spanish language with our Spanish – Beginners course, designed for those who have completed our Introduction to Spanish course or possess a basic understanding of Spanish through travel, friends, or family interactions. Building on the foundation laid in the introductory course, this program enhances your language skills, focusing on practical communication in everyday situations.

In this level, we focus into the intricacies of Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and conversational nuances. Our engaging classes blend written and oral exercises, role-playing, and multimedia, ensuring a dynamic and immersive learning experience. Whether you aspire to travel, expand your cultural horizons, or communicate more effectively with Spanish speakers, this course equips you with the tools to achieve your language goals.

Macquarie Community College operates from a range of venues across Northern and Western Sydney. We have campuses in Blacktown, Carlingford, Chatswood, Epping, Mt Druitt, Richmond, and Ryde. Enrol now!

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What you will learn

Course outline

Topics and grammar points covered include:

  • Spanish alphabet and pronunciation rules.
  • Weather and seasons.
  • Family relationship vocabulary and personal background.
  • Describing physical features and character traits of people.
  • Expressing likes, dislikes, and interests: using verbs like gustar, encantar, preferir and interesar.
  • Describing typical daily routine using action verbs and reflexive verbs.
  • Holiday planning including vocabulary of clothing, places, documents, etc
  • Verbs of life and biography.
  • Basic illnesses and body parts, using 'doler,' and grammatical structures of advice.
  • Shopping experiences, vocabulary of shops and objects.
  • Comparative and superlative degrees.
  • Possessive and demonstrative adjectives.
  • Cardinal and ordinal numbers, the times and the dates.
  • Personal pronouns, formal and informal forms.
  • Present, future, and past tenses, including irregular verbs.
  • Ir + a + infinitive verb structure.
  • Verbs of necessity and obligation like tener que, deber, hay que, and necesitar.
  • Introduction to conditional tense using “deberías + infinitive”

Course outcome

  • Read Spanish building fluency.
  • Write Spanish with adequate use of accents, capital letters and punctuation marks

What you need to know

Entry requirements

Students will need to have completed the Introduction to Spanish course or have a basic knowledge of the Spanish language either through travel or contact with friends or family.

What you need to provide

  • All course material is provided and inclusive with course fees
  • Notepad and pen

Other information

All course material is provided and inclusive with course fees.

Coming soon

There are currently no classes scheduled for this course.

Please check back later as classes are added regularly or get in touch for more information.

Delivery Mode

To meet the needs of our students Macquarie Community College balances delivery and engagement across permanent, regular and temporary delivery sites and offer face-to-face, remote zoom classes and self-paced learning options.

Ways to Study

  • On campus

Our college campus locations are:

    • Blacktown
    • Chatswood
    • Carlingford
    • Epping
    • Ryde
    • Mt Druitt
  • Virtual classroom
  • Complete workplace training
  • Combine ways to study


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