Leisure & Self Improvement

Leisure & Self Improvement

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"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

John Dewey, famous 20th century educationalist and philosopher

At Macquarie Community College, we believe you shouldn’t simply just learn how to sing, paint, play, draw, write, bake or make. Don’t just learn how to communicate more effectively, or lead a more peaceful, prosperous and healthy life. Don’t just advance your competence with digital technology or hone your sporting abilities.

Instead, think of these leisure and self-improvement courses as a vital component in ‘learning for life’, to help you establish a fuller and richer life. Courses like ours can lead to continuous self improvement, new practices and philosophies, increased confidence and connectedness with like-minded people and ignited passions. Why not see for yourself how one of our leisure and self improvement courses can change your life?