Payment Plan Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment plans are available if you are having difficulty paying your tuition fees due to financial hardship, Macquarie Community College may request you to provide additional documentation to demonstrate your financial hardship, any unforeseen or exceptional circumstances.
  2. If your application is approved you will be placed on a Student Payment Plan which will allow you to pay off your fees on a regular basis over the duration of your course. Macquarie Community College will calculate your repayment instalment amounts and due dates.
  3. Macquarie Community College has partnered with Ezypay Pty Limited for the processing of payment plans. Macquarie Community College will provide your details to Ezypay to establish a payment plan on your behalf.
  4. You will enter into the payment plan agreement with Ezypay Pty Limited and the following fees per transaction apply:
Transaction FeesCharge Rate (excl. GST)
Direct Debit Fee (Bank)$2.00 excl. GST
PayTo Fee$3.20 excl. GST
Master/Visa Card Fee2.00% excl. GST
AMEX Fee2.70% excl. GST
Failed Payment Fee$8.90 excl. GST
  1. Student Payment Plan applications must be made prior to the start of study.
  2. An applicant must be a domestic student at least 18 years of age.
  3. To be eligible for a Student Payment Plan you must be a student enrolling into an accredited course.
  4. Student Payment Plans are only available where fees payable exceed $200.
  5. Student Payment Plans are not available to employers or other third parties paying for the applicant’s fees.
  6. Any applicant who has an outstanding debt from a previous enrolment will not be granted a subsequent Student Payment Plan.
  7. For a payment plan:
    • under $1,000, a minimum deposit of $40 is required on enrolment to secure your position in a class.
    • For a payment plan between $1,000 and $5,000, a minimum deposit of $200 is required on enrolment to secure your position in a class.
    • For a payment plan greater than $5,000, a minimum deposit of $500 is required on enrolment to secure your position in a class.
    • A minimum amount of $40 per instalment applies.
  8. All payments must be completed at least 30 days prior to the end of the scheduled class timetable for which the Student Payment Plan has been provided, this includes all Government and non-Government subsidised programs.
  9. It is your responsibility to contact Macquarie Community College directly if any circumstance arise that may affect the payments being processed as per the plan.
  10. Default on the agreed Student Payment Plan will result in no certificate/transcript being released to the student. Macquarie Community College reserves the right to suspend the student from the current course enrolment if agreed payments are outstanding.

Students under the age of 18 will require their parent/guardian to sign the payment plan.