Protection from Abuse Policy

The Macquarie Community College Group (MCC) is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all its Employees, Clients, Directors, Members, Visitors, Volunteers and particularly to children and young people, aged and vulnerable people.

A child is any person under the age of 18 accessing our services for whom we have a duty of care.

MCC’s Protection from Abuse Policy aims to reduce the risk of abuse occurring, and to ensure that a caring and appropriate response is taken should abuse occur.

Each client of MCC engaged in our services has the right to full and effective use of his or her personal, legal and consumer rights.

Employees, Contractors and Volunteers involved in activities or programs with children, aged and/or vulnerable people are carefully selected and screened.

Prior to commencing employment or volunteer services, the following precautions are taken to
establish the applicant’s suitability for the role or position.

A Police Check and/or Working With Children Check (WWC) which complies with the legislative requirements of NSW will be requested and received prior to the Employee or Volunteer commencing their proposed role. The check must show that the individual is not precluded from working in the delivery of services to children, aged or vulnerable individuals.

MCC actively encourages the reporting of all abuse, including sexual abuse.

MCC is committed to building an environment where either a victim, the parent/carer or guardian of a Child or a vulnerable person, or a Worker feels able to report such abuse.

A documented reporting process with escalating procedures has been established by MCC for handling allegations of abuse, with specific procedures for mandatory reporting in the case of the Risk of Significant Harm.

Child Protection (Working with Children Act) 2012

The College has a range of different obligations relating to the safety, protection and welfare of any enrolled students aged under the age of 18 including:

  • A Duty of Care to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to prevent harm to students
  • Obligations under child protection legislation
  • Obligations under work health and safety legislation

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New legislation establishing the Office of the Children’s Guardian comes into effect on 1 March 2020.