JobTrainer Skilling for Recovery


JobTrainer/Skilling for Recovery Training Initiative

Fee-Free Nationally Accredited Training – Enrolling Now

JobTrainer is a $640 million program funded by the NSW Government and Australian Government over three years to support NSW citizens through this difficult employment and economic environment. Over 200,000 vocational training places relevant to jobs of the future are being funded in NSW as part of the program, with enrolment extended to 30 June 2023.

As an approved provider, Macquarie Community College has training places and funding available.

Under JobTrainer/Skilling for Recovery, you may be eligible for one of our FEE-FREE* nationally accredited training courses if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Am I Eligible for Fee-Free* Training?

If you meet the below criteria you may be eligible for FEE-FREE* training at Macquarie Community College.

You MUST meet all of the following:

  • 15 years old and over; AND
  • No longer at school; AND
  • Live OR work in NSW; AND
  • Australian OR New Zealand Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident OR a Humanitarian Visa Holder, OR a Partner Visa Holder whose sponsor is a current or past Humanitarian Visa Holder.

Please note: International Students are not eligible.

AND meet ONE of the following:

  • A person aged 16 to 24 at commencement of training, regardless of employment status, including Year 12 school leavers; OR
  • A person who is a recipient of a Commonwealth Government welfare benefit (and their dependants); OR
  • An unemployed person; OR
  • At risk of losing their job; OR
  • A Veteran; OR
  • A Veteran’s Recognised Partner (includes spouse, recognised defacto or ex-spouses/recognised defacto); OR
  • Undertaking qualifications in priority industries such as aged care, disability care, childcare and digital skills. This means that employed people (existing workers) will also be able to access fee-free training in specific full and part qualifications in each of the four priority industries listed above. Note: to be eligible, existing worker students do not need to be employed in one of these industries.
  • An employed person who is ‘expected to become unemployed’ and falls into one of the following four categories.

1. Stood down/ furloughed employee: Employee that has been stood down or an employee who is currently on JobSaver and is at risk of becoming unemployed and requires upskilling or reskilling for new role and employment elsewhere.
2. Person who has been employed for 6 months or less: employed on condition of receiving training to build capacity and capability for the job role. This would be within the first 6 months of employment.
3. Low skilled/unskilled employee: Existing employee, with or without relevant skills or previous qualification up to Certificate III, that requires training to upskill to secure ongoing employment or future employment.
4. Workers in declining industries: Workers at any company in an agreed declining industry (e.g. international travel industry) who require upskilling/reskilling for redeployment.

Other Smart & Skilled subsidies are also available for people who do not meet the above eligibility criteria.

Deferral of Training

JobTrainer/Skilling for Recovery is an initiative of short duration that provides training opportunities to improve employment opportunities as the State recovers following the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the intent of the initiative, a student cannot defer training unless all the following circumstances are met:

1. The request to defer training is supported by a medical certificate which explains why the student’s medical condition prohibits the student from continuing with the training; and
2. The request is for a deferral period of no more than six months; and
3. The student has commenced training prior to seeking the deferral, i.e., a student cannot enrol and then immediately defer.

It is up to the provider to determine whether a student should receive a deferral based on the above criteria. Providers should refer to the Smart and Skilled eReporting Technical Specifications and Business Validation User Guide for more information on how to report a student’s deferral of training.

To find out more about the courses and to check your eligibility, please contact us.

*Eligibility criteria apply. Training is subsidised by the NSW Government. Training under JobTrainer is fee-free and fully funded by the NSW and Commonwealth Governments.