Solutions for Employers

Solutions for Employers
We realise that training your staff costs time and money. But the question is: can you really afford not to?

When the success of your business lies in the competency of your team, you need them to be better than average, even better than good. You need them to be highly skilled.

Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.

Richard Branson

We can help your team to:

  1. increase their productivity in the workplace
  2. improve their written and verbal communication skills
  3. increase their ability to use information technology in the workplace
  4. upskill their expertise in their respective fields
  5. more effectively lead, train and manage people

Macquarie Community College can assist you by:

  1. analysing the current skill level and needs of your team
  2. developing your workforce training plan
  3. packaging and customising training for your workforce
  4. navigating available funding for workplace training
  5. providing subsidised traineeships

We provide onsite classes for groups of six or more trainees in business and community services. Our trainers have years of experience in their industry and develop tailored courses that specifically meet the needs of your business and staff members. The focus of each class will be on achieving new competencies and developing deeper levels of understanding.

What course would you like your employees to do?