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Traineeships combine paid work and structured training. They allow trainees to learn a workplace skill and receive a nationally accredited qualification while earning a wage.

Traineeships usually last for one to two years and are available in a wide range of careers. They may be undertaken in a full or part-time capacity, including if you are still at school.

NSW Government subsidies are available for the formal training component of apprenticeships and most traineeships. Under Smart and Skilled, all apprenticeship and most traineeship qualifications are now 100% subsidised. Training for existing-worker trainees is not subsidised.

A person is eligible to be approved as a new entrant trainee if they have been employed by their traineeship employer:

  • for less than 3 months as a full-time, full-time equivalent part-time/casual, or a combination of these prior to the commencement of the traineeship;
  • for less than 12 months as a part-time or part-time equivalent casual employee prior to the commencement of the traineeship;
  • for less than 12 months in a combination of part-time, casual and full-time (or equivalent) employment prior to the commencement of the traineeship.

    What do traineeships include?

    Traineeships are very similar to apprenticeships, where you work, learn and earn on the job.

    They feature:

    1. Paid employment
    2. A training agreement between yourself, an employer, an Apprenticeship Network Provider and a registered training organisation like Macquarie Community College
    3. Structured on-the-job training
    4. A training program delivered by a registered training organisation such as Macquarie Community College
    5. A nationally recognised qualification at the end of your traineeship

    Benefits to employers and trainees

    Traineeships provide real benefits to industry. They allow employers to up skill staff, increase efficiency and productivity, and create a highly skilled team.

    By taking part in a traineeship program as an employer, you may be eligible for federal government incentives: 10 per cent of wages for first and second year apprentices (up to $1,500 per quarter) and 5 per cent of wages for the third year apprentices (up to $750 per quarter).

    Under the new incentives system reform trainees may be eligible for federal government incentives up to a maximum of $1,250 every six months over the first two years of the Australian Apprenticeship (up to $5,000 in total).

    Australian Apprenticeship and Traineeship resources can be found here and more detail on the incentives can be found here.


    1. Allow you to customise training for your staff
    2. Are an effective way of attracting and recruiting staff
    3. Are the perfect balance of practical experience and theoretical knowledge provided in partnership with experienced trainers from Macquarie Community College
    4. Contribute to the community
    5. Increase employer and employee satisfaction

    Find out more about Employer Incentives.

    Are you eligible for a traineeship?

    Traineeships are available to anyone of working age. You may be completing a qualification as part of your schooling, a school-leaver, re-entering the workforce as an adult worker, or simply wishing to change careers. You do not need a Higher School Certificate or other qualification to be a trainee.

    How do you become a trainee?

    Find an employer with an interest in taking on a trainee through job advertising websites such as Indeed, Seek, Jora or contact your local Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP).

    Traineeship qualifications offered by Macquarie Community College

    More information

    For more information about traineeships:

    NOTE: Eligibility criteria apply to NSW Government traineeships