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2 Free Events - Taster Classes and Demonstrations

2 Free Events – Taster Classes and Demonstrations

In September and October, we have 2 free events for you to experience our classes in Leisure and Self Improvement, Business, English Language, Aged Care, Child Care and Computing.

Come along – you may pick up a new hobby or sport, decide to upskill or realise it's time to change your career!

Open Day | Chatswood Campus | Wed 11 Sep, 3-8pm

Come and celebrate Adult Learners Week with us! Enjoy Free Taster Classes and demonstrations during the Open Day at the Chatswood campus.

We hope to see you there! Spaces are limited. Find out more info and register for your classes.

Leisure and Self Improvement classes

  • Foreign Languages – French, Chinese Mandarin
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Singing
  • Meditation
  • Get Tech Savvy – Cyber Safety, My Digital Life, Introduction to the Internet
  • Self Improvement – How to Deal with Difficult People

Learn about career planning skills

  • Basic Computer Skills – Excel, Powerpoint, Keyboard Typing
  • Job Seeker Skills – Resume Writing, Interview Skills
  • Talk to our trainers about how to gain skills to improve your career

Learn about Aged Care and Child Care

  • First Aid and CPR Demonstration
  • Child Care – CHC30113 Certificate III Early Childhood Education & Care Taster Class
  • Talk to our trainers about a career in child care and aged care

Learn about English language skills

  • English Language Skills Taster Class
  • Talk to our teachers about improving your English Language Skills

Get Online Week | Carlingford Campus | Wed 16 Oct, 10am-2pm

Celebrate ‘Get Online Week’ – Enjoy Free Digital Literacy Classes at the Carlingford campus to help you make the most of the internet and computers!

Come along and get tech savvy with us – spaces are limited! Find out more info and register for your classes.

Digital Literacy Classes available

  • Computer Basics – learn the basics of using a computer for work, study or personal use.
  • Cyber Safety – Can you trust the internet? Learn about cyber safety and internet safety when using your own computer, the things that can potentially go wrong, and the simple steps you can take to avoid them. With the right tools and a few common sense precautions, you can protect yourself online.
  • Music Streaming – Digital music is more convenient, cheaper, portable and accessible than any other previous music delivery format. Learn about ‘ripping’, ‘streaming’ and how to listen to music online.
  • Travel Apps – Learn how to use different travel and transport apps. It will make getting around by car and public transport much easier, faster and potentially cheaper. You will learn how to use popular apps and websites to plan a trip. You’ll never get lost again!
  • Keyboard Skills – improve your keyboard typing skills, speed and accuracy.
  • Introduction to Microsoft Office – learn the basics of Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel & Powerpoint.
  • Digital Devices – learn the basics of using digital devices such as your smart phone and tablet/iPad.
  • Social Media – learn to use social media to keep in touch with family and friends as well as how to stay safe online.