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Celebrating Excellence: Macquarie Community College's 2023 Staff Recognition Awards

Celebrating Excellence: Macquarie Community College’s 2023 Staff Recognition Awards

Recently we held our Staff Recognition Awards event to acknowledge and celebrate the dedication and milestones of Training, Teaching and Staff. It was wonderful to see such an incredible turn out where this annual event honours our team members who have demonstrated either outstanding commitment, excellence in teaching, or significant service anniversaries.

It has been another year of hard work for the College, resulting in amazing achievements – with many of our team members working collaboratively across major implementation and transition projects, whilst ensuring we maintain and continue to deliver quality, inclusive learning opportunities to our students.

Congratulations to all our award winners and anniversary award recipients!

Anniversary Awards

Each year we formally recognise our Anniversary Award recipients who are celebrated for reaching a 5-year milestone working with the College. This year we celebrated 23 team members who have been with us between 5 and 25 years, showcasing their dedication and commitment to our community of learners – and making the College a great place to learn and work.

With a combined and collective experience of more than 250 years as part of the College, we would like to celebrate the commitment and dedication of the following team members:

25 Years

  • Christian Wright: Leisure and Self Improvement Program – Photography
  • Chakib Yacoub: Leisure and Self Improvement Program – French

20 Years

  • Marine Aubury: Leisure and Self Improvement Program – French
  • Pilar Betanzos-Alonso: Leisure and Self Improvement Program – Spanish
  • Christine Ford: Leisure and Self Improvement Program – Yoga
  • Samuel Mudie: Leisure and Self Improvement Program – Guitar
  • Melissa Sloan: Leisure and Self Improvement Program – Painting and Drawing
  • Maria Wackett: Leisure and Self Improvement Program – Spanish

10 Years

  • Jennifer Green: Board Director
  • Peta Iken: Customer Service Team Leader
  • Stephanie McLanders: Training Administration Team Leader
  • Deidre Morrison: Leisure and Self Improvement Program – Painting and Drawing

5 Years

  • Sumati Advani: Board Director
  • Sue Baker: English Language Literacy and Numeracy Program
  • Marina Godoy: Marketing, Sales & Service Team
  • Marilyn Mallory: English Language Program
  • Leonie Merheb: Leisure and Self Improvement Program – Cake Decorating
  • Magdalena Rosandi: Vocational Education and Training – Early Childhood and Care
  • Marnie Seinor: Leisure and Self Improvement Program – Tap Dancing
  • Kurt Stahmer: Vocational Education and Training – Community Services
  • Sharleene Taylor: Vocational Education and Training – Business
  • Yasmin Talib: Vocational Education and Training – Early Childhood and Care
  • Lee Ching Ting: English Language Program
  • Sue Westbrook: Board Director

Thank you to each of you for your dedication and service, making Macquarie Community College an inspiring place to learn and work.

Training and Teaching Excellence Awards

Our educators have exhibited exceptional dedication and enthusiasm in supporting the learning journey and successful outcomes of our students across the following program areas:

Nominations were based on:

  • Demonstrating the values of Macquarie Community College
  • Contribution to the success and reputation of the College
  • Recruitment, Retention, Progression and Completion of students
  • Available feedback from students, colleagues and other stakeholders
  • Examples of going above and beyond the expectations of the role
  • Examples of innovation and flexibility in meeting challenges and change

The response to this year’s nominations process was overwhelming, showcasing excellence across all nominees from different program areas, teaching locations, and lengths of service with the College.

After a rigorous selection process, we are delighted to announce the recipients of the Training Excellence Awards across various categories.

Training Excellence Awards

English Language Program

  • Lee Ting – English

Career Training – Vocational Education and Training (VET)

  • Tenneile Pintabona – Early Childhood and Care

Leisure and Self Improvement Program

  • Titik (Tilly) Wong – Aquafitness

Gateway Community High

  • Danielle Collins – Classroom Teacher (HSIE, Stage 5)

Staff Excellence Awards

Congratulations to the winners of our Macquarie Community College Staff Excellence Awards, recognised for their outstanding contributions and dedication in 2023:

  • Adam Nashat – Corporate Services Team
  • Melissa Paul (Johnson) – Programs Team
  • Murray Gibbs – Marketing, Sales and Service Team

Congratulations to our outstanding staff for their contributions. Along with our Anniversary Award recipients they embody the values of the College, demonstrating dedication to our quality, inclusive learning opportunities.

Here’s to another year of achievement and collaboration!