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Christmas Lunch for the Mt Druitt Community

Christmas Lunch for the Mt Druitt Community

Macquarie Community College’s Business Administration students recently hosted a Christmas Lunch for 120+ members of the Mt Druitt Community.

Held at the Mt Druitt Seventh Day Adventist Church, those in attendance included the Department of Industry, Ability Options, MCC’s Leadership Team and Pastor Matthew.

The lunch was organised and cooked by the students and teachers, using their business administration and organisation skills. The success of the event showcases the students’ newly learnt office skills, as they developed letters to local businesses, posters and flyers to promote the event. The students also published a cookbook using Publisher skills and had PowerPoint presentations describing what Christmas meant to them. The cookbook was given as a gift to all attendees.

Community members were treated to traditional Christmas fare, karaoke Christmas carols and gifts for the children. Much of the food was provided by the church through its food pantry and support was received from local businesses.

Many of the students are unemployed and living with disabilities but through this event they showed themselves and others what they can achieve. If any local business needs staff, there is a pool of capable people right here!

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