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English for Work & Study - Gary's Story

English for Work & Study – Gary’s Story

Winners from all walks of life have their own strategies and plans that help them succeed but they all have one thing in common – they TRY and keep trying. They persevere with an unwavering spirit until they attain what they had set out to achieve.

Such is the story of Gary a 24-year-old young learner from Taiwan who walked into the portals of Macquarie Community College in the month of November last year, a persona of diffidence, apprehension and anxiety.

Gary had recently arrived in Sydney with negligible exposure to both the English language and to the Australian culture or way of life. He embarked on his journey to learn choosing Macquarie Community College to be his training ground. He exhibited a passionate spirit to learn and put into practice all that he was taught. There was not a moment of discouragement or disappointment in his approach to learning no matter how daunting and arduous he found the tasks assigned.

Gary, in no time emerged as a visible inspiration to other learners. His endearing behavior and enthusiasm coupled with the support and encouragement he received at Macquarie Community College led to an exemplary learning success story.

We wish Gary all the success in his future life and hope he remembers Macquarie Community College fondly for helping him take his first steps in English Language. He now walks out of our college a confident young adult ready to take on the challenges of the Australian way of life.

Gary's Story – Written by Mitchelle Chadda

Class: English for Work and Study – Beginners