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Message From the CEO: Celebrating International Women’s Day

Message From the CEO: Celebrating International Women’s Day

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is Generation Equality.

Generation Equality is a call to action to join forces across generations, to create a world where every girl and woman has equal opportunities to fulfil their full potential. Equal access to education and income are central to levelling the playing field for women around the world. That is why today we celebrate that Macquarie Community College is renowned for creating and providing diverse learning journeys for the thousands of women enrolled each year in our courses.

Celebrating 70 years of inclusive learning

We are celebrating our 70th year of delivering inclusive and affordable learning opportunities, in the community for the community, since the doors of the Eastwood Evening College opened in June 1950. The College of 2020 has a deep and successful track record of results in providing tens of thousands of women of all backgrounds, interests and abilities opportunities that empower and enrich their lives through training and education.

We are committed to our values of respect, diversity and we have strong attendance from women in our communities, including those facing disadvantage and barriers to participation.

Unlocking learning and earning pathways for females

Our work is unlocking learning and earning pathways for a very broad and diverse range of women  – in 2019 more than 70% of our students were female and from a range of ages between 18 and over 70 from a very diverse range of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

For our students from non-english speaking backgrounds the English language skills we are so expert at providing are invaluable and empowering, enabling them enabling them to create better futures for themselves, their families and their communities.

For those that are seeking work or career advancement we are here for them to provide quality vocational training targeted to jobs in fast-growing industries where work is available and their skills and motivation are valued.

It is not just what they learn that helps empower the women of MCC – but the friendships they make, the role models they meet along the way and the increased confidence and self-esteem they gain from acquiring new skills and knowledge and a sense of achievement.

The majority of our staff and board directors at Macquarie Community College are women – generally balancing busy lives of work, lifelong learning, volunteering and family commitments. On their behalf I wish you a Happy International Women’s Day and hope you can take a minute to celebrate the fabulous women in your life that have made a difference, that have empowered you and helped you reach your potential.