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Delivering Great Graduate Outcomes...Again! 2019 NCVER Report 

Delivering Great Graduate Outcomes…Again! 2019 NCVER Report 

Once again, we are very pleased to share some highlights of independent, rigorous national research conducted in 2019 summarising responses about accredited training delivered in 2018.

The National Student Outcomes Survey is a national annual survey undertaken by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER). The Survey is sent by NCVER to students that complete full or part VET qualifications at all TAFEs, private RTOs and Community Education providers and reports on the quality and outcomes of their graduates.

In our 2019 report we again have results that are better than the 2019 national average of all VET providers.

Key Findings

Our data set now over three years comes from more than 380 MCC graduates and subject completers who responded (#139 in 2019, #102 in 2018 and #139 in 2017).

Survey respondents completed a full or partial VET qualification from our extensive range of accredited Career Training Qualifications and Foundational skills courses in the prior year (2018, 2017 or 2016).

This is a good participation rate – making the results statistically significant.
Note: * The NCVER advises that 4 of the 5 survey questions outlined below were slightly modified in 2019 (wording, order and/or scale) so are not necessarily comparable across years. 
Therefore the comparison to the national average of responses is more apt than comparison to our own prior year’s stats. It is nevertheless pleasing to see that we have held at very high level% responses across the 3 year period.

Employment Goals Outcomes

MCC has students from a very diverse range of backgrounds who study with us for a variety of reasons and have quite different starting points.

We, like many community colleges, are especially renowned for working with people that face barriers such as limited English and disadvantage such as unemployment or disability.

Our results show that we are very actively and effectively helping our students, many of whom face barriers and disadvantage, progress along a training pathway to employment.

In keeping with our purpose and strategy we delivered an even higher proportion of our training in the foundation skills areas in 2018, as we have deepened our committed to leveraging our strengths in working with people facing disadvantage.

In the 2019 survey therefore even more of our respondents than in prior years (99/139) indicate they were not working at all prior to studying with us.

Many continued on a training pathway prior to moving into employment. Taking those first steps out of unemployment and on to a pathway to a better future through training is commendable and highly significant.

Of the 139 students surveyed in 2019:

  • 71.2% were not employed prior to training. 
    – Of these 28.3% of them moved into employment after MCC training.
  • 28.8 % were employed prior to training. 
    – Of these 27.4% had a better job after training and 12% were employed at a higher skill level after their MCC training.
  • 74.4% were undertaking training for employment-related reasons.
  • 83.2% achieved their main reason for doing the training.
  • 86.4% of those employed after training found the MCC training relevant to their employment.
  • 92.0% indicate they received at least one job-related benefit.
  • 65.9% were employed or enrolled in further study after their studies at MCC.

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*Job outcomes not guaranteed