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Message from the CEO: A Phased Return to Term 3 Classes

Message from the CEO: A Phased Return to Term 3 Classes

As Covid-19 social distancing and operating restrictions are easing across NSW, I am pleased to share our plans with you for Term 3 programs.As we have all discovered, things change rapidly in these challenging times. Our response and planning can be impacted by decisions by government and other unexpected events beyond our control. However, we aim to provide you with as much certainty as possible in the lead up to the commencement of your courses.

We are currently in Stage 1 (online classes only). With NSW Government restrictions becoming more relaxed, we are aiming now for Stage 2 and a gradual and safe return of students and staff for some activities that were not possible to offer via online learning.

Our Stages 1, 2 and 3 are outlined below:

Stage 1 (Term 2 – April , May, June)

Online classes only, campuses closed

We have been operating in Stage 1 for some months now, with staff working from home and campuses closed to the public. We have already delivered over 100 classes online to more than 600 students through Zoom’s video conferencing platform.

The ingenuity and hard work of our trainers, program and admin staff and the loyalty of our students has enabled us to achieve this great result.

This is working well and there will be no change to our offerings for the remainder of this term.

"I really like this online English class. Before I joined the class, I was even worried about if I can connect to the online class successfully or not. I never used Zoom before. I don't feel a difference compared to the actual physical classroom. I even feel the online class is more interactive, not only in communication but also we can look at each other more closely face to face. We are full of laughs and smiles in the online class."
Koken, Student – Intermediate English

Stage 2 (Term 3 – July, August, September)

Online learning continues with a return of some face to face classes

1. Online classes: Classes currently being taught effectively online will remain online. 

2. Online classes + face to face workshops:Some courses require specialist facilities, equipment, practicals and other tasks as part of their course that can’t be delivered online (eg Child Care, Aged Care, Beginner’s English, Computing). To support learning, we will include practical on-campus workshops in addition to online classes for some of these courses. You’ll be notified directly if this affects you.

We are also aiming to facilitate compulsory work placements as soon as we are able to arrange them with facilities.

We will also work to enable access to our campus for students who do not have suitable computer facilities for online learning.

3. Face to face classes: Some of our much-loved face to face courses that we are unable to offer online will return on campus (eg Furniture Restoration, Computer Basics, Dance, Painting).

Stage 3

Online learning + face to face classes

Depending on Government recommendations at the time, we anticipate that Stage 3 will include online classes where possible and suitable, practical workshops and interaction opportunities to support learning, plus the return of additional face to face classes as restrictions ease.

Covid-Safe Plan

Our Covid-Safe Plan has always been guided by these key principles:

1. Your health and wellbeing: the practicing of social distancing, daily and thorough cleaning, and other health measures to prevent and avoid the spread of Covid-19.

2. Following advice and direction of State and Federal authorities and experts.

3. Our Purpose and Values: Keeping the needs of disadvantaged, vulnerable and high-risk groups foremost in our considerations.

4. Learning from experience: Staged changes based on continuing with what’s working well and striving to see what more we can do.

As we commence a phased return to face to face classes in Stage 2, all students, staff and visitors accessing campus and other venues must follow our Covid-19 infection control and building access procedures. These measures have been successfully implemented for some months already.

  • social distancing within rooms and in common areas;
  • scheduled class attendance only;
  • individuals by appointment only (no drop-ins);
  • limits on the numbers of people in any given classroom or daily total in one building;
  • strict hand and cough hygiene;
  • no attendance on campus allowed for anyone feeling unwell or experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms;
  • no sharing of food, cutlery, crockery, utensils;
  • no attendance allowed for anyone within 14 days of return from overseas.

Our College campuses have multi-lingual Covid-19 signage, availability of hand sanitiser, soap and cleaning products, as well as daily cleaning of surfaces, and Covid-safe room set-up practices in place. 
Students are welcome to wear masks and/or gloves and bring their own wipes, sanitiser, computer, keyboard and/or mouse if they feel it is safer for themselves to do so.

For More Information

Continuing students

If you are already enrolled in a Term 2 program, you will receive full details about your class arrangements for the Term 3 (July – September) period from the College. Your trainer will be available to discuss this with you.

Students enrolled in Leisure and Self-improvement short courses for Term 2 are able to re-enrol for Term 3 via the website in the upcoming weeks. Our timetable of classes will be released soon!

New students

We would love to chat with you about your options!

Please contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 845 888 or via chat on the website. You can also email us at

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