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The Course That Unlocked Olga’s Happiness

The Course That Unlocked Olga’s Happiness

Olga is very happy. All of the most important areas of her life dovetail neatly together; complementing and building upon one another. Her career in Aged Care fits perfectly with her personal interests and love for people, and her flexible work hours fit neatly with her responsibilities to her family of five.Added to this, both work and training have introduced her to people from diverse cultures, giving her lifelong friends and a supportive community.

When she reflects on how all of this came about, she says it started in 2017 when she enrolled in a CareerPathways Program* that helped people train and move into jobs while being supported through the process. The course was delivered by Macquarie Community College and led into the CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support(Ageing and Disability).

SKILLS4You, a new program launched last month by Macquarie Community College, now offers a similar program designed for migrant women wanting to work in aged care, disability care and child care.

What made Macquarie Community College such a great place for Olga when other attempts at study were thwarted by her lack of confidence and poor English, was Macquarie Community College's long history working with and supporting migrant women.Trainers facilitating the course were nurturing, kind, and creative. The College filled the gap for individuals in knowledge, content, and English language specific to the care industries. They provided necessary training for Olga to grow in confidence, capability, experience, and readiness to take the necessary steps towards permanent employment.

A Fulfilling Career in Aged Care

Now, her career in Aged Care gives Olga immense personal and professional satisfaction. “I meet and talk to so many people from so many cultures,” says Olga. “I love seeing how the things I do really helps them.”

Olga’s English skills, combined with her Sudanese heritage and first language, Arabic, is a strength when it comes to Community Aged Care. “Some Arabic speaking patients prefer to use their first language as they get older. I tell them: ‘I am here with you; you are not alone.’ When they’re unwell, it’s easier and comforting for them.”

Olga explains medications to her clients and what the program manager wants them to understand. The client can tell her exactly why they’re not eating or where their pain comes from. She helps them feel more relaxed and comfortable. She listens to their stories and asks questions about their families.

“It makes me very, very happy,” says Olga. “I love it. I love to help people. I keep in touch with family members of past patients.”

SKILLS4You: Brand NEW, High-Quality Program for Migrant Women

SKILLS4You, an initiative of Macquarie Community College, amplifies the holistic environment that improves employment readiness, capability, and work experience for migrant women. We assess each woman’s employment readiness for the Australian workforce, set employment-related goals, and follow an individualised training plan to achieve a successful outcome. Our wraparound support services, in combination with formal training in English language, help students reach job readiness and complete formal qualification training.

The launch of the new SKILLS4You program comes at a crucial time in Australia, when we’re seeing a critical need for more people working in Aged Care, Disability Care, and Child Care.This course aligns with our ongoing commitment to providing learning opportunities that increase social impact. (The College was recently recognised by the NSW Department of Education as a High Performing Provider for Smart & Skilled, the funding under which SKILLS4You is offered.)

“I want migrant women to know that they should not stop going after their dreams,” says Olga. “In this work, it’s very good when you have more than one language and the course will give you the skills you need in English so that you feel more confident.

“I’d also like to thank every teacher from Macquarie Community College. Without them, I would not have finished my course. My trainer, Jodi, was a very, very, very beautiful person. She laughed with us, helped with homework, and took time to explain things. It’s not just an education, it’s friendship. And you stay in touch with these people.”

How Can You Access SKILLS4You?

Macquarie Community College is under contract with the NSW State Government as a Smart and Skilled and Adult Community Education (ACE) provider.  This means that the program is fee-free for eligible students.

Speak to us about whether SKILLS4You is suitable for you or your clients. Call 1300 845 888 and ask for Sandra McKinney, or email

Visit our website or download the SKILLS4You brochure.

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*The CareerPathways Program was run by the Department of Family and Community Services in partnership with the Department of Industry and Training, for which Macquarie Community College was a training partner.