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The Student Journey - Focussing on Continuous Improvement

The Student Journey – Focussing on Continuous Improvement

At MCC, our students are the heart and soul of our College. Each day when we open our doors, we look forward to welcoming new and continuing students and joining them on their path to ‘realise their potential’.

Whether it be upskilling or embarking on a new career, learning English language skills, improving their fitness or taking on a new hobby, the journey our students take at MCC is one that we are always seeking to continually improve.

Improving the Student Journey

Here are some ways that we are working on improving the student journey:

  • Streamlining assessments – After listening to staff and student needs, we have introduced holistic assessment experiences founded on a practise-based model. This method allows the student to demonstrate a consistency in their abilities throughout the course, rather than at a once-off assessment. This style of learning is currently being used in the Certificate III Individual Support courses, with specialisations in ageing and disability and will be pushed out across the board in the future.
  • Regular feedback from students – A ‘Student Journey’ survey, designed to understand the perspective and experiences of all students enrolled in MCC will be undertaken regularly. The results of this survey will be used to develop or amend policies and procedures that extend MCC’s focus on meeting student needs, wants and expectations. This survey is designed to help MCC identify issues with student engagement and to better the services we provide to our valuable clients. 
  • Regular feedback from MCC staff and teachers – similar to the student journey survey, we have designed a survey which staff and teachers will undertake regularly. The results will help us adjust our internal processes and procedures so that we can provide the best possible service to students.
  • Regular evaluation of teachers and trainers – some of the most valuable assets to our college are our trainers and assessors. We employ trainers who have a high degree of Vocational Education Training (VET) competency coupled with relevant industry skills and knowledge. 

    To ensure our trainers remain up to date with the latest VET and industry changes we require all our trainers to complete a yearly matrix of skills. This is coupled with a trainer Professional Development program which results from Student and Staff evaluations held mid-course, end of course and at other spot check times. Our compliance department and program managers also run Professional Development sessions with trainers, assessors and staff. 

  • Meeting with industry on a regular basis – within the teaching requirements set by the NSW Department of Education, MCC look to industry to guide us as to the most up-to-date tools, policies and employment outcomes. We meet with key players in the Aged Care, Child Care, English Language industries to gauge current industry needs.

    We are very pleased to be held in high regard by organisations such as Ability Options, Darcy St Project, New Haven Farm, Hills Nursing and various other aged care and disability facilities.

    Macquarie Community College delivers tailored courses to suit the needs of our clients and industry. They focus on opportunities within key skill shortage industries as well as providing a hands on experience for our clients. Macquarie Community College go over and above to ensure they meet the demands of our clients and the employers they liaise with. Most importantly, they have an understanding of what industry opportunities there are and match our clients to suitable employers.
    – Chad Hookey, Ability Options

The student journey at MCC is guided by our commitment to providing our college community with a satisfying learning experience by meeting the needs, wants and expectations of all students.

Please contact us at or 1300 845 888 if you have any feedback, suggestions or comments to help us continually improve the student journey.