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Student story: Celebrating 100 bushwalks with Macquarie Community College

Student story: Celebrating 100 bushwalks with Macquarie Community College

Photo: Bruce and Elizabeth on the Temple to the Lake Walk

It's not hard to see why the Bushwalking course has been a firm favourite at Macquarie Community College since it was introduced. Not only are we naturally blessed with beautiful coastlines, mountains, trees and watering holes, our resident Bush Walking expert, Greg Williams, rarely revisits the same walking track, which makes each hike special and unique.

Bushwalking students, Elizabeth and Bruce, celebrated their 100th bushwalk with Macquarie Community College and share their experiences below.

Elizabeth and Bruce's story

"Over seven years ago, through the Macquarie Community College Bushwalking Course, my husband and I started walking with Greg Williams in training for the Camino de Santiago in Spain (approx 800kms over 30+ days). To walk so far means to start training by walking different paths some months before. Now we just keep walking for the fun, friendship and nature’s contrasts.

The walks with Macquarie Community College differ along the way, from a boardwalk in a tourist area, a path along a dry creek bed, quiet pools in a narrow fern gully or an inlet of the Harbour. We have enjoyed Greg’s chocolate treats and tea and coffee for morning tea watching two sea eagles fish, as well as lunch whilst watching a pod of twenty dolphins cruising past. From a sandy beach, to rock-hopping around the coast, to clambering up to the cliff top, we have climbed stone stairs, and gone from well-used tracks, to little made tracks, to no track at all on our journeys of discovery.

There is an easy companionship of walking: you need a sense of humour for the occasional rain or slip in the mud. The people vary, but there is always laughter. We compare other places walked and talk about the next bushwalking journey, then stop as someone photographs a spread of wild flowers or a lace monitor climbing a tree. Yes, we also compare boots and socks, backpacks and ways of using walking poles, how to climb over this particular rock or tree, but it is also the challenge of "I can do this!". Greg is always there to lend a hand and encourage us along.

I loved bushwalking as a child, and we keep walking because it is fun to walk so far and for so often with the group. We are pleased to celebrate our achievement of clocking up our 100th walk with Macquarie Community College bushwalks."

Elizabeth and Bruce

Sunday Adventure Bushwalks

Come and join in the fun with our Sunday Adventure Bushwalks. There's 4 walks to choose from each term or you can book all 4 together at a discounted price.

Each walking trail is suitable for most fitness levels with various half day and full day bushwalks available. During our bushwalks you’ll become abuzz with nature’s feel good endorphins whilst enjoying secluded habitats, historic sites with artefacts, lush wet tree lined gullies with waterfalls and cascading brooks with isolated freshwater pools. You’ll have opportunities to spot native animals and see majestic mountains from atop of awe inspiring lookouts.

All bushwalks have morning tea provided with tea, coffee and delicious chocolate treats available.

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