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Student Testimonial: Learning Computer Skills to Catch up to the Digital Age

Student Testimonial: Learning Computer Skills to Catch up to the Digital Age

“Looking back about eight months ago, I know it would have been drastically different. I started from almost zero knowledge about computers – I could press the power button and type some words only but now I can design my own presentation by using PowerPoint. I couldn’t believe (what) I have done by myself independently.”

At Macquarie Community College we love to hear our students talk about the positive impact our courses have had on their lives.

Recent Intermediate Computer Skills for Work & Study graduate, Leo, wrote to us describing his learning journey and achievements. He initially decided to enrol in the Basic Computer Skills for Work & Study class after feeling left behind in an age dominated by technology. During these classes he learnt fundamental computer skills in the Microsoft Office suite as well as the importance of computer security.

The Next Step

After finishing the Basic Computer Skills for Work & Study course, Leo progressed to the Intermediate Computer Skills for Work & Study class where he flourished, expanding his knowledge in operating Microsoft applications and online tools through practical experience. In his own words, Leo says:

“In Excel, I learned how to use (a) formula (for) working out the result we need and of course the symbol of total is very impressive.

I learned how to use a template in Word, PowerPoint and Excel, for example, I can open PowerPoint to find New on left pane, click it and type in the key words in the search bar to find the template I need.

I also learned about ergonomics how to set up my own workplace properly so that I don’t harm my back or other parts of my body. Moreover, participating in sustainable work practice is necessary.

Yes, I learned how to find information by using Google and other browser such as Canva. Oh, I must say that it was fantastic learning Zoom and Google Meet – they are so useful for communicating.”

Leo’s final message

Leo is grateful for the positive impact Macquarie Community College has made on his life and is especially appreciative of his patient teacher, Nick Wang. Leo concludes:

“All in all, you are so knowledgeable and patient teaching us, I have learned a lot. I will continue to practice and use the skills and knowledge you have shared with us. I am going to recommend this training course to other people who are willing to learn computer skills.”

“In the end, I want to say thank you very, very much for teaching us. I hope more and more people will take this computer skills course to catch up with digital times.”

You too can develop your computer skills like Leo in our digital literacy classes that are available at the basic and intermediate levels. Classes are fee-free* for eligible learners. Call us on 1300 845 888 or find out more below:

*Eligibility criteria apply. Training is subsidised by the NSW Government. Training under JobTrainer is fee-free and fully funded by the NSW and Commonwealth Governments.