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Ever considered an alternate route to a great career? 

Ever considered an alternate route to a great career? 

Sherilyn always wanted to be an Early Childhood Educator. It’s just that life gets complicated sometimes.

“Depression and anxiety are really big obstacles to overcome,” says Sherilyn. After Year 10, she left school and took some time out to regain her mental health. For a while she had a retail job, which only made her feel more depressed and anxious.

Remembering her dream of working in early childhood education, Sherilyn enrolled in a certificate course with another education provider. Yet sitting at a desk day after day and writing assignments about hypothetical situations made the learning theoretical and dry.

“I just couldn’t face it! But by dropping out, I thought my last chance was gone.”

However, while applying for jobs each month, Sherilyn noticed an advertisement for a child care traineeship. She didn’t need a qualification before she started, and she could complete her Child Care Certificate at the same time.

“I loved that idea!”

Sherilyn instinctively knew that child care was about getting down to a child’s level, making them feel safe and taking care of their needs, pointing out the joy of the small things. Learning along the way should be fun and relevant.

That’s exactly what Sherilyn has found as a trainee at a local child care. She applies the theory she’s learning in her CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care to her work. In a few short months, her life has changed dramatically. She is bouncing out of bed because she’s loving life. She’s found her calling.

Year 12 and university may not be the direction you want to pursue, but that’s not the end of the road. There’s never just one way to discovering your rewarding career. If you’re a hands-on person who learns while you work, we have courses and work placements for you.

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