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Another successful collaboration with Soldier On volunteers

Another successful collaboration with Soldier On volunteers

Macquarie Community College were fortunate to host volunteers from Soldier On again last week. Soldier On is an organisation that works side by side with contemporary veterans of the Australian Defence Forces and other services. One of their initiatives, 'Serving On', is a program where current staff and veterans can volunteer in local community projects.

The Soldier On team initially came in June to put the first coat of paint on our Marsden Rd fence in Carlingford. This time around, they were able to bring another team back to finish off our fence as well as gravel the back section of the college.

The volunteers came from diverse backgrounds – ex-Navy, ex-Army, current Navy as well as current back office Navy support staff – but they all came together for a single purpose, to serve the community and Macquarie Community College.

We are thrilled with the results! Thank you Soldier On. We hope to collaborate together again soon on another project.

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