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Tutor Spotlight: Louise Maitland

Tutor Spotlight: Louise Maitland

Louise Maitland’s journey into the world of flower arranging began as a hobby while her three children were young and growing up. She pursued her interest further by taking flower arrangement courses and gaining work experience in local flower shops. This experience ignited her passion for the flower industry.

Enrolling at Ultimo TAFE, Louise graduated with Certificates II and III in floristry, which paved the way for employment with florists in both inner-city and suburban flower shops. Through these roles, she gained valuable experience in a wide range of flower arranging techniques catering to retail, corporate, wedding, and funeral needs.

In 2015, Louise embarked on a new chapter when she was approached by a member of Macquarie Community College¬†who had seen her work at her daughter’s engagement party at Brush Farm House. Joining MCC, she found fulfillment in teaching flower arranging classes, covering topics such as fundamental flowers, tropicals, natives, succulents, terrariums, and seasonal arrangements.

Louise finds joy in meeting students who share her enthusiasm for flowers, relishing the opportunity to share her experiences in a lively learning environment. She particularly delights in witnessing the end results of her classes through floral displays and sharing photos with students, family, and friends.