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Tutor Spotlight: Tilly Wong

Tilly (Titik) Wong embarked on her fitness career journey in 2015, making a significant shift from the corporate world to the dynamic fitness industry. With a passion for exercise and a desire for exploring new challenges, Tilly found herself drawn to the role of an Aquafitness Instructor.

In 2017, Tilly joined the team at Macquarie Community College, where she began teaching Aquafitness classes. Over time, her expertise expanded, and by 2023, she had added Gentle Exercises and Mat Pilates classes to her repertoire. Tilly thrives in her roles as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, fueled by her passion for guiding and motivating individuals to incorporate exercise into their daily lives. Tilly loves witnessing the transformative effects of regular exercise on both physical and mental wellness, saying it touches her heart deeply.

Her growth as an instructor and as an individual has been nurtured by her experiences at Macquarie Community College, where she has benefited from diversity of individual and opportunities.

Some of remarkable progress that Tilly loves to see in her students, includes:

  • Initially hesitant students struggling to navigate the water gradually developing coordination, confidence, and ability in executing simple exercises.
  • Students who are afraid of lifting their feet off the ground to perform suspended moves, growing the confidence to kick their legs off the ground and build their core strength
  • Students with existing fitness levels continually returning, seeking out new challenges and expanding their exercise repertoire.
  • Bonds forming in class that extend beyond the studio, with students forging friendships outside of scheduled sessions.

Tilly’s dedication to empowering others through fitness shines through in every class she teaches, making a positive impact on the lives of her students and on the College community.