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Korean Level 1 - Beginners

Korean Level 1 – Beginners Korean Level 1 is suitable for absolute beginners. No knowledge of the language is assumed. While teachers will use the target language in the class, all explanations will be in English. This level is suitable for intending travellers, business people wishing to extend their professional networks and people who wish to communicate more effectively with families and friends. The classes include cultural information. What to Bring Notebook and pen Course... Read more

Korean Level 2 - Beginners

Korean Level 2 – Beginners Korean Level 2 is for students who have completed at least 16 hours or one term of recent study in the language, and are acquainted with the content of an introductory course. What to Bring Notepad and pen. Course notes provided. Prerequisite: Essential Students will need to have completed a 16 hour or one term introductory course or have a basic knowledge of the language either through travel or contact with family. Delivery Mode This course is... Read more