Chinese Mandarin – Beginners

Learn Chinese Mandarin with our Beginners course and delve into the most widely spoken language! With over 1 billion speakers, Chinese Mandarin opens up a world of communication and cultural understan
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Chinese Mandarin – Intermediate

Continue your exploration of the world’s most widely spoken language with Chinese Mandarin – Intermediate. With over 1 billion speakers, Chinese Mandarin offers a profound connection to cu
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French – Advanced

Welcome to French Advanced, tailored for learners who have completed our French Intermediate course, or have completed intermediate study elsewhere and have basic French conversational skills. If you
3 classes available

French – Intermediate

Welcome to French Intermediate, tailored for anyone looking to build upon recent study of basic French language or those continuing from our course! In our intermediate course, you can continue buildi
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French – Beginners

Welcome to French Beginners, perfect for anyone looking to build upon basic knowledge of the French language or the skills learnt from our introduction course! In the beginners course, you can continu
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German – Beginners

Improve your German fundamentals with our Beginners course tailored for those who have completed our introductory course or already possess basic knowledge through travel or family connections. This l
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Introduction to Armenian

Welcome to Introduction to Armenian, an exciting journey where you can immerse yourself into a beautiful, historical and unique language. As the official language of Armenia, it stands as an independe
1 class available

Introduction to Chinese Mandarin

Learn the foreign language that is the most commonly spoken in the world – Chinese Mandarin! With over a billion people speaking the language, Chinese Mandarin is China’s official dialect.
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Introduction to French

Learn French in a fun, interactive environment to prepare yourself for your next adventure! You will be immersed in the beauty of the French language, speaking exclusively in French during class to en
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Introduction to German

Introduction to German courses are suitable for absolute beginners. No knowledge of the language is assumed. While teachers will use the target language in class, all explanations will be in English.
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Introduction to Italian

Welcome to Introduction to Italian, tailored for absolute beginners delving into the captivating r Italian language. This course is designed to equip you with the essentials to engage in simple conver
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Introduction to Japanese

Join us for an Introduction to Japanese where you can explore the beauty and learn the foundations of the Japanese language. In this course, no prior knowledge of the language is assumed, making it ac
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