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Bridging the Digital Gap

Bridging the Digital Gap

At Macquarie Community College, we work tirelessly to bridge the “digital divide” to ensure those within our communities do not suffer from digital exclusion.

The acceleration of digitalisation has left many behind, creating distinct gaps and disparity in access, affordability, and skills in using computers, phones, and tablets.

In an era where technology is becoming increasingly relied upon whether it be through government and business services, internet access and digital literacy are becoming indispensable. This harsh reality is slowly leaving many behind.

The contemporary availability fantastic digital tools and services provides a plethora of information at our fingertips, whether it be health and well-being, education, finances, and the ability to connect with loved ones.

Connecting Our Community

At Macquarie Community College we believe that digital technologies and online information and services should be accessible to all. We acknowledge that achieving true tech-savviness requires skills, confidence, access to necessary tools, and a dedicated learning curve. Over the past 8-9 years, we have continued to expand and refresh our subsidised Tech Savvy and Computer programs with the aim of enhancing the digital literacy of our students, particularly those who encounter barriers and disadvantages when it comes to digital participation.

During Get Online Week we highlighted our digital literacy courses at our new Epping Campus and Online via ZOOM. Attendees experienced free classes in a variety of subjects including Microsoft Excel & Word Basics, Online Scams & Cyber Safety, Introduction to Podcasts, Online Shopping and much more.

Improving National Outcomes

We recognise that improving digital literacy in our local communities is a crucial factor in bridging the digital divide in Australia.

The 2023 Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII) report delved into the nationwide digital gap. While the report, does highlight some encouraging progress into digital inclusion across Australia, it also underscores that substantial work remains to be done in addressing the challenges associated with digital inclusion.

Key Findings from the Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII) Report (2023):

  • National digital inclusion improved
  • Gap persists, especially in remote areas
  • The Digital Ability gap remains outside capital cities
  • 9.4% of Australians face high exclusion
  • Remote First Nations, seniors, and low-income individuals lag behind
  • Affordability challenges persist for specific groups but have improved
  • Slight improvement in digital ability, but lower-scoring groups face declines
  • Mobile-Only Users now at 10.5%, associated with lower digital inclusion.
  • Significant disparities for those aged 75 and older
  • A growing gap between low and high incomes
  • Couples with children have the highest digital inclusion scores for this household type
  • People living in public housing scoring below the national average

Our commitment to increasing digital literacy and decreasing the digital divide is a demonstration of our Purpose – to create and provide affordable and inclusive learning opportunities that meet the needs of individuals, organisations, and communities.

Join us in narrowing the digital divide! Have a look at the new  Term 4 Catalogue  and see what we have on offer!