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Creating beautiful art together through online learning

Creating beautiful art together through online learning

Online classes didn't stop the Calligraphy Intermediate students from producing a combined class project!

Our tutor, Elaine, explains, "The finished piece is an alphabet displayed on an A4 size page in landscape format. Each student chose 3 letters, one to be displayed as a lowercase, another as a capital and one as a decorated letter. Each letter was written in the script that they had been studying. The combination of the 3 scripts added extra interest to the design.

The students then sent me their finished images as email attachments, and I converted them so that they could be inserted into their assigned spaces. Once the letters were all in place, I emailed the completed alphabet sheet to each student so that they could print it out.

We also looked at the various ways this sheet could be used, such as a folded origami box, cards of varying sizes, book marks, gift tags and wrapping paper."

The main script used is Rotunda (a version of Gothic). Other fonts used are Italic and Copperplate.

The project has been sent to the Australian Society of Calligraphers and will most likely be published in the September edition of their journal, 'Colophon'.

Congratulations to our students for their amazing work!

Term 4 Calligraphy classes are enrolling now!