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No Device? No Problems!

No Device? No Problems!

Macquarie Community College recently received a grant from the Good Things Foundation to purchase several electronic devices (laptops and tablets) to lend to students to help with their studies.

Working and studying during this ‘Covid-era’ has transformed the way we work and highlighted the importance of having up-to-date digital skills in order to connect and thrive in your workplace or studies.

Macquarie Community College recognises the increasing digital skills gap and has several digital literacy courses to help bridge that gap so that Australians aren’t left behind.

The initiative for the Loan Device Program supports our commitment to improving digital literacy. We saw a need within our community where some adults wanted to enrol in a computer course but were deterred as they did not own their own device.

With our Loan Device Program, our students can borrow a laptop or tablet during the course of their studies. One student, Sue, was pleased that she could benefit from this program already:

“I am thankful for MCC's Loan Device Program. I was able to borrow a laptop during my Business Administration course.

Using a computer is an important part of the learning in this course and without access to one, it would have made my studies more difficult.

It was advantageous that I wasn’t forced to outlay money to buy a computer until I was financially ready and knew which device I wanted.”

Student –
BSB30415 Certificate III in Business Administration

Borrow a device for your studies

Contact us at or call 1300 845 888 to find out more about the Loan Device Program and how you can borrow a device for your studies.

We have several Digital Literacy courses available throughout the year: