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MCC's Staff Recognition Awards 2018

MCC’s Staff Recognition Awards 2019

Photo: (Top) Winners of the Staff Excellence Awards. (Bottom) Recipients of the Anniversary Awards.

Macquarie Community College recently held a Staff Recognition Event in conjunction with the annual Christmas Party. We handed out several awards for Staff Excellence and Anniversaries. See the list of winners below and check out the photos on our Facebook page.

Staff Excellence Awards

This year our Staff Excellence Awards were aligned to Macquarie Community College’s updated Guiding Principles.

The 2019 awards recognise individuals nominated by their peers and selected against meeting at least 3 of the following criteria:

  • PHILOSOPHY: Individual excellence – an individual who has provided outstanding service or performance in their day-to-day job.
  • PHILOSOPHY:Passionate about our students and business partners – an individual who delivers programs with a focus on meeting the education and training needs of the individual students within the community at key transition points in their lives. 
  • COLLABORATION: Team Player – an individual who collaborates with their peers to make things happen. Their whole approach is can-do: ‘What contribution can I make to help the team achieve success”.
  • INTEGRITY:Demonstrates personal and professional integrity – takes personal responsibility to deliver on promises and demonstrates integrity at all times.
  • COMMITMENT: Always prepared to go the extra mile – going beyond what is expected, demonstrating passion, following up to show you care and genuinely want to help MCC achieve its goals.
  • DIVERSITY:Acceptance of and encouragement to people from all backgrounds – an individual who believes that participation in affordable, quality education is transformational and is committed to helping motivated learners from all backgrounds “climb the ladder of learning”. They want others to achieve their educational, personal and career goals. 
  • RESPECT: Valuing the feelings, wishes, opinions and rights of others – an individual who can empathise, listen, is responsive and treats others with courtesy and politeness.

The winners of the 2019 Staff Excellence Awards are:

  • Carol Bryant – Sales and Service Team
  • Murray Gibbs – Sales and Service Team
  • Melissa Johnson – Co-ordinator, LSI programs
  • Rhythm Joshi – Sales and Service Team
  • Jolanta Mazurek – Trainer – LLN
  • Jodie McDonald – Trainer – VET
  • Stephanie McLanders – Sales and Service Team
  • Michelle Shaw – Trainer – LSI (Yoga)
  • Sharleene Taylor – Trainer – VET
  • Lee Ching Ting – Teacher – LLN
  • Nick Wang – Trainer – VET
  • Greg Williams – Trainer – LSI (Bushwalks)

Congratulations to all our Staff Excellence Award winners!

Anniversary Awards

We celebrated the Anniversaries of many team members who have been with MCC from 5 years all the way to 30+ years!

30 years

  • Christine Bennett – Trainer – LSI (Needlework) and Trainer – LLN/VET Foundation Skills
  • Elizabeth Lawrence – Trainer – LSI (Pottery)

25 years

  • Serge Golikov – Trainer – LSI (Photography)

20 years

  • Junko Horikawa – Trainer – LSI (Japanese)

15 years

  • Kirstin Ritchens – Trainer – LLN/VET Foundation Skills

10 years

  • Amparo Le'Nepveu – Trainer – LSI (Spanish)

5 Years

  • Heather Hill – Programs – VET (Community Services)
  • Geetali Krishnasamy – Programs – LLN/VET Foundation Skills
  • Daya Mijovic – Programs – LLN/VET Foundation Skills
  • Nick Wang – Trainer  – LLN/VET Foundation Skills

Congratulations to our Anniversary Award recipients. We thank you for your commitment to MCC and its students.

We have had an amazing 2019 and look forward to servicing the community again in 2020!

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