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Kick Start Your New Year’s Resolutions Today!

Kick Start Your New Year’s Resolutions Today!

Now’s the time to take control of 2020 and kick start your new year’s resolutions!

Our Term 1 catalogue is out now and there’s hundreds of classes that can help you develop yourself in 2020. Try Arts & Craft, Yoga, PilatesDancing, Drawing and PaintingPhotography, Guitar, Tennis, and more.

Learn Something New in 2020

There's also over 20 new courses to try:

  • Go Organic – Make Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps:Say no to cling wrap and cut down on single use plastic. Beeswax wraps are increasingly becoming a popular way to cover food left in containers and even wrap your sandwiches in! This workshop will teach you how to make long lasting, organic beeswax wraps using 100% organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil and organic cotton. The wraps are great to give for gifts or even if you want to start a small business selling them.
  • Ukulele: The ukulele is one of the most versatile stringed instruments around and is an excellent way to be introduced to music. You do not need to be able to read music. You will learn how to play ukulele chords as well as learning a variety of strums and styles of playing. By the end, you will be playing a number of different songs!
  • Resin Jewellery Workshop: Learn to make your own resin jewellery and create a unique piece for yourself or to give as a beautiful gift. In this workshop you will learn resin casting techniques to create pendants, brooches, beads and bangles.
  • Get Gut Healthy With Kombucha: Kombucha's distinctive fruity-vinegary taste is from its fermentation processes and the addition of fruit in the second fermentation phase. Fermented foods have long been associated with improving your gut health, which can also improve other bodily functions which affect your weight, food cravings and mood. You will learn all about preparation, creation, storage and clean up of your Kombucha as well as where to source good ingredients, including organic options.
  • Buttercream Cake Decorating Course: Create a great impression at your next party and learn how to create amazing birthday cakes, cupcakes and formal style cakes using buttercream. You will learn to colour and pipe buttercream using a variety of styles and a range of techniques on a semi-naked cake, cupcake bouquet, and large cupcakes.
  • Formal Cake Styles: Learn the basics of creating a formal cake for your next celebration. From piping to the skill of working with fondant, this course has something for everyone. A great starting point for any cake enthusiast or for anyone wanting to brush up on some existing skills.
  • Making a Terrarium – Succulents: Create a garden inside your home or office using beautiful succulents. A terrarium is a fantastic way to bring the outdoors inside! Create your own unique garden landscapes and enjoy watching it thrive.
  • China Travel Tips & Basic Phrases: If you are planning a trip to China soon, wanting to learn the Chinese Mandarin language or interested in studying more about Chinese culture, then this course is for you! You will learn about travel safety and money tips, how to haggle at the shops, basic greetings and useful phrases to help you get around, understanding local foods and etiquette, what to do if you visit a local’s home, a brief history on customs and more!
  • Acrylic Pouring Intermediate: Let your creative side flow out and have fun choosing your own colour schemes. Enjoy pouring your paint onto the canvas, then tilting, swiping, dragging and watching wonderful cellular patterns appear. Techniques may include Flip Cup, Dirty Pour, Bottle Base Pour, Puddle Pour, Drag, Beach Pour and even Jewellery. You will walk away from the class with 3 unique artworks for yourself or as a gifts for friends.
  • Strategies for Breaking Bad Habits: Do you have a bad habit that feels like an unwelcoming companion by your side? Are your bad habits draining your life from your dreams? If you are looking to break out of a bad habit, then this course is for you! We will help you identify your bad habits and give you proven strategies to help you break the habit for good! We will help you form new and better habits to replace the bad ones.
  • Creative Writing:Learn creative writing from Award-winning Australian fiction author, Paula Roe, a regular Borders Books bestseller and one of only five Australian authors who write for Harlequin Desire, a line published by Harlequin Enterprises, the biggest romance publisher in the world. Paula will take you through Pain Free Plotting for the Creative Writerand show you how to create your very own A3 storyboard for pain-free narrative plotting. You can also learn practical techniques on how to plot and Write A Romance Novel. There will be writing involved in this course and by the end, you will have an outline of your romance novel’s plot, characters' goals, motivations and conflicts.
  • Short Form Poetry: Haiku, Tanka and Haibun. What’s It All About?: Discover how the short form poetry that originated in ancient Japan have evolved into writing genres that aid writers in their personal writing journey. You will learn about different forms of poetry including including haiku, tanka, renku, haibun and haiga.
  • New bushwalks: This summer, our expert bushwalking guide Greg Williams is pleased to present four fabulous new full day bushwalks suitable for most fitness levels. You will visit secluded habitats, historic sites with artefacts, rich tree-lined gullies with waterfalls, cascading brooks with isolated freshwater pools. You’ll also see majestic rock formations from atop awe-inspiring lookouts. Join all four bush walks at a discounted price, or book events separately.

Find out more about all the courses on offer by visiting our website, downloading the Term 1 catalogue or calling us today on 1300 845 888.